October 30, 2018

The Next Generation

Joy Wilson

Happy Fall! What incredible weather we are having for the fall season. I love all the colors of the leaves. What an incredible Creator we have! This week I saw the beautiful scenery of the Flathead Valley of Montana. It’s stunning.

I’m writing this as I leave my three oldest grandchildren in Montana. (Dad and Mom were in Togo, Africa). Being with them was a great reminder of the need to pray for the younger generations. I sat and listened to them share about friends who come from broken families, about the use of language they are around every day, the disappointments of losing games and not getting enough playing time.

They also shared some positive highlights as well. My oldest grandson is excited about a small group that is starting for athletes; my oldest granddaughter is excited to go to Youth Convention this weekend; the younger granddaughter shared how much she loves helping in the kids’ department at church and how much she loves her children’s church.

I’m thankful, that in the midst of the daily battles for influence in their lives, they have parents daily sharing the need for a strong faith and healthy, godly values. So many of the children in our churches don’t have the privilege of parents who do this.

How can you encourage leaders to disciple those they are overseeing to know the truth of the Word? Teach them to know how to open the Bible and where to find answers to questions they are asking. This is so important to know truth – God’s Word.

Some of you may not have kids at home, but look around your church and neighborhood for who you can be praying for. Who can you encourage with a smile or "nice to see you" today?

Our words are so powerful, when we don’t even know it. Do you remember people who spoke into your life? Some of you may have had people who said hurtful things to you. Let’s be leaders who make a difference and help this generation. They hear enough negative talk, let’s be affirmers, and encouragers. Let’s help them.

My questions today are: Whose life are you speaking into? Who do you see that needs someone to be a positive influence in their life?

Let’s help this generation be world changers by knowing God is who He says He is and will do what He says He will do.

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