Open Churches

The Open Church List below provides information about Network Churches that are currently engaged in a pastoral search process and contact info to apply. Please Note: Applicants must be credentialed Assemblies of God ministers.

Lakeside Assembly of God

Lakeside, Oregon
Population: 2,008
Attendance: 35

Susan Chappelear | 541-294-2706 | Email

Submit resumes:
Pulpit Committee
P.O. Box 257
Lakeside, OR

Harlan Chapel of the Valley

Blodgett, Oregon
Population: 200
Attendance: 20

Todd Taylor | 541.760.4061 | Email

Submit resumes:
Attn: Valerie Matthews
PO Box 9178
Salem OR 97305

Chiloquin Christian Center

Chiloquin, Oregon
Population: 900
Attendance: 50

Albert Wilder | 541-783-2140 | Email

Submit resumes:
PO Box 442
Chiloquin OR 97624

Life Church

Aloha, Oregon
Population: 270,000
Attendance: 170

Pastoral Search Committee | | Email

Submit resumes:
Attn: Pastoral Search Committee
5585 SW 209th Ave
Aloha, OR 9700

Central Valley Church

Halsey, Oregon
Population: 974
Attendance: 25

Lisa Canaday | (503) 851-8052 | Email

Submit resumes:
Lisa Canaday
740 Binshadler Street
Lebanon OR 97355

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