January 24, 2018

Students Reaching Students

Wes Sheley

My wife is the kids pastor at Neighborhood Church in Albany. There is a young girl in her group who asked one Sunday if God can hear everyone at once when we pray. This started a conversation about corporate prayer. Since that Sunday, little miss Brooke continues to ask if we can all pray out loud at once. I’ve watched several kids grow in their passion for prayer since that Sunday and learned that the best growth happens through the passion of our students.
In several ministry Facebook groups I’m part of, I’ve seen a lot of comments and questions about how to grow their kids or youth ministries in numbers. Many of the suggestions given were about lights, music, games and activities. I chewed on this topic for a few days and wondered why it was bothering me so much. There were very few comments about in-depth discipleship, preaching topics or interactive sermons. I think it comes down to this: we no longer challenge our students to reach other students. The Bible tells us to go into all the world and preach the gospel.

It takes one spark to start a fire.
It takes one student to reach another student.
The best growth happens when students reach students.

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