August 24, 2016

Building Your Ministry Team - Part 2

Brian Eno

In my previous blog I wrote about the importance of doing ministry as a team and how we are always more effective leaders and lead healthier ministries when we do ministry as a team. In that article, I revealed the three stages that will help you to start building your ministry team:

  1. PRAYER. Jesus told us to start with prayer.

  2. RECRUITMENT. Don’t underestimate the power of The Ask.

  3. STRUCTURE. These help people join the team and stay on the team.

Now I would like to continue on this topic and give you three additional stages to complete in order to build a healthy and effective ministry team.


Clear expectations are a must.

Don’t shy away from setting the bar high. People want to be a part of a great cause, something bigger than themselves, something that’s making a difference.

People will lose interest if they feel underutilized. Empower your people to do real ministry and not just crowd control. People become frustrated if they don’t know what is expected of them. I have found great value in creating a simple one page job description, laying out all the expectations of each teammate.


I see big value in holding monthly team meetings. Not just meeting for meetings’ sake. Rather, meet together to build team unity, cast vision, provide training, pray together and give away ministry. I have a very simple agenda I use for most of the team meetings I lead:Encourage. Share success stories and pray for one another. Equip. Teach on a relevant ministry topic.Empower. Give away and check in on ministry responsibilities.Meetings are also excellent times to celebrate. Healthy teams celebrate!

  1. MODEL.

We lead best by example.

As the leader, we must lead by example in the following areas: faithfulness, courage, generosity, servanthood, humility, graciousness, and thankfulness. When leading leaders, our message is best caught rather than taught.

If you will implement these six stages in building your ministry team, you will expand your ministry influence throughout the church and community.

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