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Several years ago, after presenting at a Marriage Encounter, an older gentleman came up to me to introduce himself as Don Baker. Although I had never met him before in person, I immediately recognized him. I was a young pastor when I first read his book on depression and his story deeply impacted me. I’ll never forget his words: "I had visited Ward 7E many times… It resembled most of the psychiatric wards and mental hospitals where I had gone to minister to members of my congregation… This time however, my discomfort had been replaced by fear… This time, I was being led down the silent halls of Ward 7E, not as pastor, but as patient."

Your Network At Work

I love the story shared by veteran American League Baseball umpire, Bill Guthrie. He once was working behind the dish (home plate) and the catcher for the visiting team was repeatedly protesting his calls. Guthrie endured this for a number of innings and then called a halt.

"Son," he said softly, "You’ve been a big help to me in calling balls and strikes today, and I appreciate it. But I think I have got the hang of it now. So I’m going to ask you to go to the clubhouse and show whoever is there how to take a shower."

Beth Moore Simulcast at Portland Christian Center

God's Winning Word of the Week

Jonah 2:1-2

One-on-One Ministry Coaching

What is Ministry Coaching?
 • Ministry Coaching provides a one on one experience to move people from where they are to where they want to be.

 • Ministry Coaching provides an avenue for personal application with focused actions that ensure your preferred future.

 • Ministry Coaching: main strategy is asking questions that lead to conversations that assist in decision making, formulating strategies, and discovering actions to advance personal and ministry growth.

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