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“Aren’t pastors supposed to build churches not sell them?” That was the question that we had to wrestle with as we prepared to approach the board with the idea of selling the church’s building and property.

Five years ago we became the lead pastors at Christ Community Church in Beaverton and realized some big changes needed to be made. The building where the church had worshipped since 1956, needed to be sold. The church’s facilities and grounds were in need of extensive (a.k.a. expensive) repairs and, at the same time, sitting on a very valuable piece of land. We knew that selling everything would free up what was needed to expand and resource ministries and start the church moving forward again.

Your Network At Work

I AM is the name God gave Moses in the desert to identify Himself. Jesus, the son of God, was put on trial and put to death because he held claim to the name, “I AM.” Christians all around the world worship the Great I AM. We just held our annual Oregon Youth Convention. I AM is who we came to worship in Eugene. I AM is who we celebrated all weekend long. I AM is who we desire to make known to this world. This year’s Oregon Youth Convention was incredible! Here are just a few testimonies from OYC14:

Dick Brogden's Message From The AG Centennial

God's Winning Word of the Week

Habakkuk 3:2

One-on-One Ministry Coaching

What is Ministry Coaching?
 • Ministry Coaching provides a one on one experience to move people from where they are to where they want to be.

 • Ministry Coaching provides an avenue for personal application with focused actions that ensure your preferred future.

 • Ministry Coaching: main strategy is asking questions that lead to conversations that assist in decision making, formulating strategies, and discovering actions to advance personal and ministry growth.

For more information, please contact Joy Wilson at [email protected].

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