Speed the Light is the Assemblies of God’s premier discipleship tool, in raising up the next generation to be Gospel Centered, Spirit Empowered, and Personally Responsible. STL teaches the next generation of youth to give generously and sacrifice deeply for God’s mission. STL provides our missionary family with essential transportation, creative communication tools and the ability to demonstrate compassion to those they serve.

About Speed the Light

Our Network has 35+ missionary units, men and women, who have given their lives for God’s mission. We made a promise to them to provide the resources they need to get the job done. We are currently needing raise over $250,000 in STL funds for approved mission projects. We presently have 4 missionaries waiting to receive their first STL vehicle.

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Tamara Henkes

Tamara Henkes has served in Romania for the past 13 years co-directing Kidz Romania
ministry, planting next generation ministries throughout the country. God has now
directed Tamara to expand ministry into the country of Montenegro, a small, former
Yugoslavia nation in the Balkan region bordering Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia,
Kosovo, Albania and the Adriatic Sea . Tamara will serve alongside with the only other two
AG missionaries to plant churches and train up next generation leaders. With only .05%
of the population of Montenegro having a personal relationship with Jesus and less than
8 Evangelical churches existing in the entire country, the need is critical. No Assembly
of God missionary has ever existed in the country of Montenegro until just a couple of
years ago. Tamara will join this young couple and together they will seek the guidance of
the Holy Spirit to see His church expanded in this nation. The name Montenegro means
“Black Mountain.” Many of the remote villages have no churches and this team’s desire
is to see churches planted where none exist throughout the country. In order to do this a
SLT vehicle is essential to reach these remote locations for evangelism, discipleship and
church planting efforts. The harvest is ripe, and although the laborers are few, Tamara is
one of the few willing to move to Montenegro, learn the language, learn the culture and
build relationships in order to reach a country which has been oppressed in spiritual
darkness for too long. Thank you all for partnering with Tamara to reach Montenegro.

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