Special Diet Policy

Revised January 22, 2017

As a not-for-profit Christian ministry, we try to keep costs reasonable and family oriented. The ability to control food costs is based on our ability to serve one meal option to many people.

Recently the increasing number of allergies and different diet choices has presented new challenges for the Oregon Ministry Network events.

As much as we want to be considerate of all dietary and allergy requests, OMN must express a limit of liability. Some requests are cost-prohibitive and others are impossible due to the nature of our programs and facilities. We hope that all concerned parents and students will appreciate our attempts to serve nutritious meals. We will strive to accommodate dietary restrictions and choices as we work within the following parameters:

Allergies to nuts, peanuts, or dairy

Minor allergies to nuts or peanuts are relatively easy to deal with. We just eliminate these items. If the allergy is acute, it becomes more difficult. Many of the purchased snacks contain peanuts. So if the presence of peanuts in the room triggers a reaction, we recommend the child not attend our events. OMN cannot guarantee that a peanut-free environment will exist.

Dairy allergies are a little more difficult in that the dairy component is often critical to the dish being served. We will strive to work with our students’ and leaders’ needs, but we cannot guarantee a dairy-free OMN kitchen.

Gluten allergy

This becomes more difficult in that we have to provide a substitute to the flour item. Some things are easy; corn tortillas for flour tortillas, for example. Others are not so easy. We will strive to produce several gluten free items, but if any student or leader wants or needs more than this, they would have to supplement their diet by purchasing their own items and work with the OMN kitchen to get them prepared.

Severe celiac

At this time, we cannot guarantee that the OMN kitchen is certifiably ever free of wheat flour.

Dietary choices-vegetarian, vegan

Every meal has a salad or fruit component. Most times any entrée can become vegetarian by holding the meat from the portion. The OMN Kitchen is willing to do this at the student or leader’s request.

Customer Responsibility

At this time, we are not charging extra for accommodating diet restrictions, on the condition that the student or leader complies with the following guidelines:
When you register for events, please notify the registrar of any dietary restrictions.
Contact the OMN office and speak with our NextGen Event Specialist at 503.393.4411×121 to discuss the best way to handle the food concerns.

Our Philosophy

We want all to come to our events, hear the Word of God, and enjoy their experience without embarrassment or illness. We will try to accommodate all notified dietary restrictions within our parameters. We will try, but we cannot guarantee that we will be able to accommodate every dietary request.

Sheila Roberts

Event Specialist

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