Take the following photos with your group.
Photos may be completed in any order. Utilize several areas of the church: conference rooms, foyer , stairs, coffee shop, parking lot, etc..
When you are finished.
After completing at least 12 photos upload your photos to oregonag.org/sean and proceed to the table by the Sanctuary to submit your church name in the drawing for a $100 gift card.
Making a human pyramid.
Standing back to back.
Pointing at something in the sky.
Giving a high-five.
Jumping with excitement.
Dancing crazy.
Giving piggy back rides.
Looking surprised.
Playing air guitars.
Doing the Dab.
Playing hokey pokey.
Saying good morning to the barista at the coffee shop.
Standing by a car.
Posing like a tree.
Posing as super heroes on the stairs.
Find another church group and take funny-face picture together.
Take a picture with someone with an All-Access Pass.