Get Involved

1) RVers

Volunteers who join the ministry and work on at least one project per year. You do not need to be retired, you can choose where to help, if you are under 18, you must be accompanied by an adult. You can travel full time or whenever you’re available with this ministry.

2) Church Teams

Groups of people who work on a specific project with the Pastor (or Missions leader) arranging the details, and paperwork for the project, usually lasts 2-10 days. Basically it is a missions trip within Oregon to bless our churches and communities.

3) Pastors & Church Projects

Church Mobilization works with the OMN Church Development Project Team Leader to assess the viability of the project and then with the pastor, puts together a plan to have volunteers and church teams work on the project.

Search for "Childers" or by our account number: 700001-270951.