We support the well-being and spiritual health of every Credentialed OMN minister and their families.

CARE can be described in many forms and is not limited to:
• Confidential, Compassion, Challenging, Crisis [response] 
• Active Listening, Attentive, Actionable, Available 
• Relational, Responsive, Resolute, Robust 
• Empathetic, Encouraging, Equipping, Empowered 

What We Do

Care includes intentional steps to support, care for, and encourage. We are proactively building relational equity so that when a crisis occurs, we can provide effective attention. Our team is trained to walk alongside the OMN ministers and their families, prepared to recommend the next level of care and operate in confidentiality.


1) peer support - to know and be known. to be a friendly presence in times of difficulty
2) specialized coaching - our team reflects God's purpose and design by operating in their experience and specific training to offer care, respite support, restoration, and mitigation.
3) outside connections - we have a referral process to provide short-term professional resources if needed.

Need help?

• A listening ear.
• Prayer support.
• Home and marriage strengthening.
• Stress management.
• Support and encouragement with prodigal children.
• Recovery from burnout
• Help with freedom from life-hindering issues.
• Referral to screened professional Christian counselors.
• Pulpit fill during sabbatical or vacation.
• Mitigation and conflict management.
• Or any other needs.

Please call, 971-599-2347.

CARE Team Directors

Oregon Ministry Network

5745 Inland Shores Way N
Keizer, OR 97303