Session One: Our Heart and Jesus

Thanks for being in the Turnaround Church Coaching Network. I look forward to being with you in our upcoming session!

Learning Approach
The first session will include tips for getting the most from the cohort sessions. Each following session will be segmented into four parts: coaching, teaching, training, and takeaways. These sessions are designed to be interactive. Coming prepared by completing the session prep will maximize your experience. This will be a learning cohort style of coaching, meaning we will all have a chance to contribute to each other’s growth and will be learning from each other in addition to the presenter. The emphasis will be on transformation, not simply information. Our expectation is that by the time our coaching sessions are over, we’ll not only have new friends, we’ll actually be an ecclesiastical “Band of Brothers and Sisters” that will help each other move the mission of Jesus forward.

Session Focus
The focus of the session will pivot every month between the leader’s development and the church’s development. Leaders replicate who they are; therefore, a healthy pastor will create a healthy church.

Session Prep
There will be session prep work that you will need to complete prior to our time together each session. Please bring eight copies of your work with you, as you’ll be sharing your church situation with the group.

Post Session Reflection
There will be a post session reflection exercise given at the end of every session. Planning time to reflect on the content and how Jesus may have you apply it will enhance your learning and will multiply the fruit seen from your investment in the cohort.

Session One Preparation

Read Turnaround Pastor by Don Ross.

Please write out answers for each of the following questions regarding your church. Be as detailed as you can. The better picture you give of your church, the better served your church is and the cohort.

1. Identify five growth restrictors you are facing and why you believe they are restraining your church.
2. List 5 observations from your reading of Turnaround Pastor that impacted you and/or your church.
3. What is your hope from joining this coaching network? What do you expect to gain personally and for your church?

Please let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to our connection and to how God will use our time together. I will keep you in our prayers.

Kevin Reich
re:SET Director
OMN Turn Around Church Network
[email protected]