Virtual Visit

On Monday, July 20, 6 pm to 7 pm, visit with us via Zoom to learn more about NU Oregon.    Meet staff and faculty, ask questions, and take a virtual tour of the campus.  To receive the Zoom link for this event, please RSVP by emailing [email protected]

Master of Arts in Ministry Leadership Cohort - January 2022

If you are interested in joining the second Oregon cohort for the MA in Ministry Leadership in January 2022, please email [email protected].  The Oregon cohort meets two days a month at Northwest University Oregon Campus and takes only two years to complete.  Begin thinking and planning now to be part of this opportunity to grow and develop.

“When I graduated from Northwest University Oregon in 2017, I knew I wanted to pursue a master’s degree within the following few years. About two years later, the Master of Arts in Ministry Leadership program launched, and I knew immediately that I wanted to participate. Since enrolling in the program, our cohort has been journeying together through courses, class meetings, and countless pages of reading – and it has been one of the best decisions I have made in my adult life. I never could have imagined the depth of thought and experience in my colleagues, the abundance of resources shared by quality professors, and the experience of working toward this goal with the same group of people over this two-year process. We have truly become a community that honors and respects each other in this academic journey, constantly learning from and encouraging each other along the way. I am so thankful to NU-Oregon for launching into the unknown territory of a master’s program.”

-Rev. Rosa Gonzalez, Event Coordinator at Relevant Life Church

Contact Information:

Kyle Thompson, Admissions and Marketing Coordinator

[email protected] | 503.304.0092 |

Northwest University Virtual Visit

While following the shelter in place guidelines, we have moved to remote learning and are offering virtual tours for those interested in applying. Through Zoom, you can talk with staff and faculty and see if NU Oregon is a good fit for you.

Three Reasons to Choose NU Oregon

Convenience: You can earn a Northwest University education by commuting to a local campus once or twice a week. NU Oregon is conveniently located off I-5, just north of Salem. Our central location makes it possible for students to travel from anywhere in the Willamette Valley and southwest Washington.

Affordability: Don’t graduate with an overwhelming amount of debt. Tuition is less than $12,000 a year for a full-time student.* Tuition for next year (2020-2021) is $461 per credit, and fees are $100 per semester or less. As a commuter campus, we do not have on-campus living so there is no dorm or meal plan cost. Federal financial aid is available to those who qualify. Contact us for more details.

Community: We offer associate degrees, and bachelor degrees in Ministry Leadership, Business, Psychology and Organizational Leadership. Regardless of major, each student is a part of our strong community on campus, where we emphasize following Jesus together.

To Be Honest (TBH)


If you have not visited NU Oregon, we invite you to visit our campus on a Tuesday and experience chapel, classes and the amazing community of students, staff and faculty. Chapel starts at 2:00 pm and classes start at 3:00 pm. Please contact Kyle Thompson at [email protected] or call 503.304.0092 to schedule a visit.


Youth and leaders are invited to join us for To Be Honest (TBH), a one-day conference on November 7 at the Oregon campus. We will give biblical answers to three of the most pressing questions that students face on a daily basis:

• Is there help for me and my anxiety?

• What if I am doubting God or the Bible?

• How can I respond to sexuality and gender questions with both love and biblical truth?

Led by Northwest University professors from Oregon and Washington, our hope is to provide helpful resources and dialogue around important topics that can often feel awkward or difficult to engage with. This event will be by RSVP only and space is limited. Cost is $10 per person, with a maximum of $85 per church.

Saturday, Nov 710 am to 3:30 pm (lunch provided)Northwest University Oregon – 9250 Charity Ave NE, Brooks OR

If you would like more information, please email [email protected] or call 503-304-0092.

Three Reasons to Choose Northwest University Oregon

There is still time to enroll for Spring 2020. The application deadline is December 20. Several courses needed for credentials, including ordination, are available. Apply here.
The Oregon cohort for the MA in Ministry Leadership begins in January! There is still space for a few more to enroll. If you would like to hear more about this cohort, please contact Kyle Thompson at [email protected] or call 503.304.0092.
Community: One of the first things visitors notice when spending time on our campus is the strong community. Faculty and staff don’t just teach; they invest in students. All our faculty have intentional growth conversations with students outside of class, and recently, one instructor bought one-year Bibles for several students. Students pray with and invest in one another. The personal and spiritual development of each student is paramount, and we grow together.

Convenience: Our campus is conveniently located off of I-5 between Woodburn and Salem. Because of this we have students who travel from Hood River, Portland, Vancouver, Albany, Salem, Eugene, and even further. And, what makes it even more convenient is each class meets only once a week on Tuesday or Thursday. This means that even those who are working or serving in a church full time can enjoy the benefit of engaging in live, in-person classes.

Affordability: Northwest University Oregon is less than 50% of the tuition of our main campus; our annual cost to a full-time student is between $10,000 - $11,000. This is done to make the excellent NU education accessible to students at a lower cost. Federal financial aid is available to those who qualify, and every year we have students that are able to attend full time while incurring little to no debt.

NU Oregon Grand Opening and Dedication

Tuesday, October 8, 1 pm to 3 pmJoin us and our network partners for a Grand Opening Celebration, including a dedication service featuring President Castleberry. Please RSVP at [email protected] or call 503-304-0092. Our new location is located at 9250 Charity Ave NE, Brooks OR 97305 (the former OMN office).
Expand Your Knowledge, Refresh Your Perspective, Embrace a New ChallengeJoin the many pastors and leaders who have experienced personal and ministry growth by engaging in a graduate degree program from Northwest University. The Master of Arts in Ministry Leadership (MAML) is the degree offered from the University’s College of Ministry, and a cohort specifically for Oregon leaders begins January 2020. Applications are being accepted now, so begin yours at

Each class will generally meet twice, at the NU Oregon campus, the third week of each month.

First meeting: Thursday night and all day Friday
Second meeting: all day Friday and Saturday morning
Exceptions may be made based on instructor availability and/or other factors.*

Credits and duration: The degree consists of 12 classes (36 credits) and will take two years to complete.
Cost*: 2019-2020 tuition is $598 per credit. 2019-2020 Fees: $60 per semester. Books: vary by course.

Oregon MAML Courses:Team Building and Managing Conflict: Byron Klaus, instructor – Jan 16-17 & Feb 21-22Reading the Bible: Exegesis and InterpretationPreaching for ChangePastoral Care & Human DevelopmentLeadership & Pluralistic IssuesSpiritual Formation & DirectionThe Mission of God & the Work of the ChurchThe Continuing Work of the SpiritChristianity in Conversation with Contemporary WorldviewsPlus two courses selected by the cohort**The cohort will have several options, including two travel courses; travel courses would include additional travel costs and dates would vary from the program’s normal schedule.
Books for MissionsStudents at the School of Ministry in Soroti, Uganda appreciate the books donated by Northwest University Oregon. The school, led by Dr. Daniel and Rachel Graham, trains ministers at no cost and sends them out to plant churches. Our own Kyle Thompson visited the campus as guest speaker in July, meeting many of the students who received books.

It's a New Season For Us

It’s a new season for us … with a new name, a new location, and new programs!
We have changed our name to Northwest University Oregon to reflect that we are here to serve all of Oregon and to signify our partnership with the Oregon Ministry Network. We are installing signs with our new name on our new home, as we will take up residence in the former OMN facilities at the end of May (9250 Charity Ave NE, Brooks, OR 97305).Mark your calendar for our Grand Opening on October 8 at 1:00 pm!
We are building a cohort in the Master of Arts in Ministry Leadership to begin at Northwest University Oregon in January of 2020. If you are interested in joining this cohort or would like more information, contact Kyle Thompson at [email protected] or 503-304-0092.
We have also added a Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership. The Organizational Leadership major is built upon a core of classes that are applicable to leading across a broad range of settings. Students then coordinate with their advisor to design an academic program that fits their chosen leadership path. For more information, contact us at [email protected]

Faculty Who Make a Difference: Kevin Reich

Kevin Reich brings to the classroom a passion for Scripture and the life it gives. This makes him particularly well-suited to teach Biblical Interpretation (hermeneutics) and other courses in our ministry major. Students are inspired and encouraged by his teaching and his commitment to Jesus, truth, and God’s work in the world.
Kevin invests in the students’ development as leaders. In fact, developing young people is at the heart of Kevin’s work. Students see this passion for mentoring in the time he spends with them outside of class and his coaching in the classroom. They know they are loved by this pastor and instructor.
Kevin Reich has pastored in Salem, OR for more than ten years as lead pastor of Relevant Life Church. Having launched RLC’s second campus in the fall of 2017, Kevin joined the adjunct faculty of Northwest University at Salem later that autumn. We are privileged to have him on campus!

Frank Silverii Speaking at Graduation
The Salem Campus graduation ceremony will honor a record number of graduates this year. Join us to celebrate what God is doing in these individuals and will continue to do in the world through them.
Tuesday, May 14, 7:00 pm
Northwest University Salem Campus - 5313 Faith Ave
Pastor Frank Silverii (Hope Church, Albany), Speaker

Spring Break Open House

You are invited to join us on Tuesday, March 26 for our Spring Break Open House. Come meet students, staff, experience chapel, sit in class and enjoy a complimentary dinner. The Open House will start at 1:30 pm and be finished by 6:30 pm. You are welcome to stay for a 6:45 pm evening class, too.
Please RSVP so we can plan accordingly.
Northwest University at Salem is a Christ-centered, fully accredited University that offers Associate and Bachelor degrees in Ministry Leadership, Business Management, Psychology and Organizational Leadership.
Visit our website to learn more about these degrees.
We are conveniently located off I-5 just north of Salem.Our flexible schedule allows students to come to class just once a week. This is great for commuters and adults who want to begin or complete their degree.

“Northwest University at Salem prepares students to contribute to God’s redemptive work in the world by providing an exceptional education as the foundation for lifelong learning and effective leadership.”
- Rev. Debbie Lamm Bray, PhD | Director of Academic and Student Services

Introducing Jeremy Seibert

Ministry Credentials Could Count as Credits
Northwest University could apply up to six credits per credential level attained for Assemblies of God ministers. If you are a licensed minister, you may be able to apply 12 credits to a degree offered at the Salem Campus. An associate degree is 60 credits, so a licensed minister would potentially only need 48 more credits to graduate with an Associate in Ministry Leadership, Business Management, Organizational Leadership or Psychology degree. Your work to become credentialed, licensed or ordained could count as credits towards your next degree. To learn more about having your work reviewed and potentially awarded as credits, call our office at 503-305-0092 or email [email protected]
Introducing Faculty Who Make a Difference: Jeremy Seibert
Pastor Jeremy Siebert joined us as an instructor in 2014. Jeremy brings to each class meeting his wisdom, caring heart, and commitments to Scripture and the growth of students. He also uses his years of experience in pastoring – including leading a church through a very successful re-set – and his master’s degree in biblical and theological studies to help students prepare to fulfill their calling. His ability to see potential in people and his sincere concern for the well-being of others combine to make his gift of encouragement a powerful force in students’ lives.
Jeremy teaches Corinthian Correspondence and Systematic Theology I at NU Salem Campus. Students enjoy that he is highly organized and yet flexible so they can apply their classwork to their real-life situations. We are grateful to have Jeremy on our team of faculty, serving in God’s Kingdom work by investing in students.
Jeremy is making a difference at our Salem Campus!

Contact Information for Northwest University at Salem:
Kyle Thompson, Admissions and Marketing Coordinator
[email protected] | 503.304.0092 |

Introducing Sean Odell

Spring Enrollment
Come see why students, staff and faculty love Northwest University at Salem. We can schedule a time for you – or someone in your ministry - to visit the campus and experience chapel and class. NU at Salem offers degrees in Ministry Leadership, Organizational Leadership, Business Management and Psychology. It is not too late to enroll for spring. Classes will start on March 11 and each class is only seven weeks long. Our application deadline is March 1. Contact Kyle Thompson for more information.
Introducing Faculty Who Make a Difference: Sean Odell
Sean Odell moved to Oregon in 2016 and a few months later joined our team of instructors at Northwest University Salem Campus. He loves education and sees people, not tasks, as the real point of any work in ministry or training. He cannot help but mentor those around him, so God is putting students in his path.
With two masters degrees and a ThM, one would think that Sean would be satisfied with his learning … but he is not! Sean is now earning a doctorate because he loves to gain wisdom and knowledge and share that with others to help them succeed. At NU Salem, Sean teaches ministry administration courses. He draws from his education, his experience in business and several years of pastoring to help students learn how to lead responsibly and excellently. The perspective he brings to the classroom includes his work leading two campuses in Oregon, at Alsea and Waldport. We are grateful that God has seen fit to bring Sean to NU Salem as part of his call to mentor others.
Sean is making a difference!

Contact Information for Northwest University at Salem:
Kyle Thompson, Admissions and Marketing Coordinator
[email protected] | 503.304.0092 |

Introducing Kaylee Roderick

Spring Enrollment
Have you thought about going back to school? There is still time to apply for classes that start in January and March. You can major in Ministry Leadership, Organizational leadership, Psychology and Business Management. Northwest University at Salem might be the perfect fit for you. If you have questions about tuition, degrees, financial aid, application deadlines, or would like to come visit the campus, call us at 503-304-0092 or send an email to [email protected]
Introducing Faculty Who Make a Difference: Kaylee Roderick
Kaylee Roderick is Northwest University at Salem’s phenomenal math instructor. For some people math can be a daunting subject. Kaylee has an outstanding skillset to create an interactive classroom where students enjoy learning. Because of this, many students finish Kaylee’s class appreciating the use of math, growing in their capacity to be well-rounded as they prepare to go where God is leading them.
Kaylee takes the spiritual impact of her work as seriously as the academic impact. She prays with and for students and loves being part of what God is doing at NU Salem.
Kaylee Roderick has been faithfully involved in Kings Circle Assembly of God (Corvallis, OR) for many years. Shortly after she graduated with her master’s degree in 2015, she began teaching at the NU Salem Campus as an extension of her service to God and His people.
Kaylee is making a difference!

A Resource for Ministries and Churches

Northwest University at Salem is a resource for local ministries and churches! On November 13, guests and students attended a free social media workshop to learn how to get the most benefit possible from social media use by ministries. The event was led by Khalil Burton of Hope Church (Albany) and Casey Olsen of Grace City Church (Corvallis). Both are students at NU at Salem and have been successful in overseeing the social media for their ministries. We learned the best practices of using social media, how to start social media if you have never used it, and what to avoid.

Is there a way we can be a resource for you? Call or email us to see if we can help.

Contact Information for Northwest University at Salem:
Kyle Thompson, Admissions and Marketing Coordinator
[email protected] | 503.304.0092 |

Introducing Dr. Bryan Davenport

You're Invited!
On Tuesday, November 13, join us for a free social media in ministry workshop and dinner from 5:45 to 6:45 on our campus in Brooks. You will learn from two students who thrive in using social media as part of their role on church staffs. RSVP by November 9 to [email protected] or call 503-304-0092 for more information.
Preparing Students with Tough Topics
NU Salem Campus chapels are strategically planned to provide opportunities for students to experience God’s transformative presence in a variety of ways. In October, we addressed the tough topics relating to appropriate interaction with the opposite sex and maintaining personal purity in today’s messy and often dangerous culture. Pastors Kevin and Rhonda Reich led men’s and women’s groups in discussions about the issues. Thank you to the Reich’s (Kevin also teaches classes at NU Salem!) for partnering with us to invest in emerging leaders.
Introducing Faculty Who Make A Difference: Dr. Bryan Davenport
Dav (as he tells everyone to call him) is committed to learning – his own and his students. Dav earned his undergraduate degree in Management/Organizational Leadership from George Fox University, his MDiv from Gateway Seminary, and his DMin from Assemblies of God Theological Seminary. He believes that learning is his “reasonable act of worship” (Romans 12), and therefore has begun his next degree, a PhD in Bible and Theology (also with AGTS). He teaches with passion and deeply cares about students’ growth and development in both academics and following Jesus. He encourages students, investing in them and equipping them to serve Jesus, grow, and lead.
In addition to teaching at NU Salem, ‘Dav teaches graduate courses online, serves as Executive Vice President for Ten Talents International, loves pastoring Heritage Church in Vancouver, WA, and speaks internationally. Recently, Dav has started a new church plant in Cuba. His favorite and most important role is that of husband and dad to his family. NU Salem students love and appreciate his passion for God’s Word and for students.