What is Coins for Kids?

Coins for Kids is the missions arm of Girls Ministries. Each year the national Girls Ministries Department, in cooperation with the Assemblies of God World Missions and Home Missions, selects a missions project that specifically affects children.

Girls Ministries partners with the Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge—BGMC. The Coins for Kids offering received during the project year and from the Nationwide Girls Ministries Event not only benefits the national missions project but also contributes to BGMC when mailed to the national Girls Ministries Department.

Join Girls Ministries clubs everywhere as we partner with BGMC* to make our coins count. Each year we feature one project to help kids around the world. Together we've helped build . . .a community center in Romania, a church and school in Senegal, Africa, an after-school program in Bangladesh, a care-giving team for Orphan Care in China, a school for kids in Venezuela.

These are just a few of the ways we've been able to make a difference for kids.

Coins for Kids 2020

Vanuatu 2020

Coins for Kids change will go to building schools, training teachers and buying books so that the children of Vanuatu can learn. Not only will kids learn to read and write, but they will also learn about Jesus through Bible lessons in these schools


Coins for Kids change will make a big difference, including covering the cost of repairing buildings; buying toys for special needs kids; and purchasing new children’s bedding, clothes and personal care items!

*Churches who give to Coins for Kids through the national Girls Ministries Department will get both BGMC and World Missions giving credit.

More information on the 2020 Coins for Kids

Girls Ministry Training in Oregon

Join us for a great time of learning Girls Ministry Leadership and Training. During this time we will have discussions and teachings about each age group from Preschool to teenagers! You will meet other leaders from around Oregon and be able to glean ideas or maybe even give some great ideas. We will have a time for Q &A as well as some fun games and activities.

What you will gain from Girls Ministry training will be...
New friends and leaders to work together in ministry with from other churches in Oregon.
Learning why gender specific is so important to your ministry.
Learning how to work and minister to kids with disabilities.
Having great resources available to you for your groups of any age.

Girls Ministry is here to serve and support the leaders of Oregon

Girls Ministry Resources

I have been asked by many pastors, youth pastors, and leaders in different churches about resources for girl’s ministry. Each churches ministry is going to look different. If that means they have small groups, big groups, they use a curriculum, or they write their own sermon each week it is what works best for your church. These resources can be sent/done at home, group setting, mentoring and even in youth groups. The best part about them is they are FREE resources. Here are some links and descriptions.
This link is for Preschool/Elementary School Daybooks. These daybooks are a great way to keep digging into the Bible and learning new scripture each day. These are monthly and there are different topics each week. This link is for Middle and High School Daybooks. These daybooks are a great way to keep digging into the Bible and learning new scripture each day These are monthly and there are different relevant topics each week for your teen girls.
Along with the daybooks there are Hot Topics. These Hot Topics are more for a group discussion and are current topics that teen girls are dealing with.https://ngm.ag.org/Topics-Resources/Resources/Teen-Girls Oregon Girls Ministry is on Facebook there is a Girls Ministry page for Preschool through 5th grade and then our Oregon Teen Girls page that is for middle and High School. The daybooks as well as any upcoming events will be on these pages.

Oregon Teen Girls Conference 2019

What an amazing time at TGC 2019! Middle and High School Teens from Oregon were able to engage in worship, incredible speakers, life applications and wonderful mentors throughout Friday evening and Saturday. The Holy Spirit showed up which created a lot of great breakthroughs for girls.
Jill Bryant, Former Arkansas Teen Girl Ministry Director, was our speaker that brought a powerful message about God knowing us even before we were thought of, conceived or born. He knew what He has us here on earth for and how the Bible backs up and fights every myth that is out there about who we are and where our dignity lies. What the world says about who we are, is so opposite of our identity in Christ and what the Bible says who we are; loved and accepted by our heavenly Father “fearfully and wonderfully made”.
Jill gave her testimony which reveals fears of not belonging and questioning why God had placed her on earth. This statement pulled the heartstrings of the girls and leaders as we have all in one way or another in life had these feelings. Jill spoke about how the Lord has his “To-Do List” of things we will accomplish while here on earth. She also spoke truth into the girls about the daily decisions that we make can affect us in a positive or negative way in our walk with Jesus. The movies, music, friends we hang out with can make it difficult to make good choices. What we surround ourselves with will show in our actions.
During our Breakouts on Saturday, the girls had topics such as:

“Hearing the voice of God” had great ways of spending quiet time with the Lord
“Thought Life” addresses so many negative things that distract us from good/pure thoughts
“Who am I?” brought clarity to gender-specific issues as well as negative self-image

Teen Girls Conference impacts so many girls lives during the short time that we are able to have their attention and we are enthusiastic as to what next year holds for TGC 2020….

Girls Camp 2018

Romans 8:38
Nothing at all can ever separate us from Gods love, that is because of what our Lord has done for us.
This year we had a great turn out for Girls Camp. These girls are our next generation of leaders. They learned that nothing they do can separate them from Gods love. Asking Jesus to be a part of their lives and changing the way they live to love Jesus. How God uniquely designed and created each girl for His purpose.

We had some great altar times that were powerful, and the Holy Spirit showed up, these girls lives are changing. As Girls camp came to an end we had our Sunday chapel and the girls were able to put what they had learned into practice. We had a “prayer wash” where we had the girls walk through and each leader was on either side praying for each girl as they passed through! Then the roles reversed, and those girls prayed their hearts out for the leaders. This to me was so amazing to see our next generation of young ladies loving Jesus and praying.

Please continue to pray with me that girls in Oregon learn about Jesus and walk in a relationship with Him.

Teen Girls Conference 2018 Recap

TGC has a unique dynamic in that it is a power-packed, 24-hour experience just for teen girls. Our goal is for teen girls to be encouraged and equipped in their faith through dynamic speakers, engaging worship, and encouraging relationships. It was an absolute success! The theme this year was BLOOM.

"Teen Girls Conference is the event I look forward to each year! -Michelle

We had dynamic speakers who made an impact on these young ladies from all over Oregon. Some rededicated their lives to the Lord and others were called into the ministry.
Here’s a quick breakdown of the great time we had: Friday evening, the girls and leaders enjoyed some entertainment, a formal dinner and Teen Girl Awards given to Sydney and Zoe. The Friday night session had worship and then encouraging words from Latisha Burley about being in the Lord.

"The worship and sessions were encouraging, energizing and great! -Layla

Saturday was a packed day with Bethany Shelton teaching how to make and execute plans according to what the Bible says. She also spoke about some great tools the girls and leaders can use to build their relationship with the Lord. The girls and leaders then had a great time doing a scavenger hunt during their lunch & free time. The afternoon had compelling breakout sessions relevant to the girls’ needs, which included a panel of influential leaders doing a Q and A with the girls, then a breakout explaining all the fun, creative and effective ways to implement journaling.

"I really enjoy the breakout sessions -Tiffany

Ending the conference was Kimber Anderson with her testimony of how she has bloomed and how thankful she is to have the privilege of ministering to the girls of Oregon!
Looking forward to our Teen Girls Conference 2019!

This is Why

"BraveHearts was important to me because it was the first event I had ever gone to with other teenagers. I saw everyone just worshiping together and praying for each other and it really amazed me. I had never seen so many people my age in a room that were so in love with Jesus. I realized I wanted what they had and I had never wanted to have a relationship with God in a way like that before. The worship was powerful and it was strange and exciting to be singing with so many people my age and I think it really helped ignite my passion for worship ministry. I realized I wanted to lead people in an atmosphere like that as well and since then I’ve been working towards that and led worship many times. That was all because of one weekend 4 years ago at BraveHearts." ~ Laney (name changed)
Tanya (name changed) went to BraveHearts struggling with her self-esteem and anxiety. During worship she felt drawn to the altar in a powerful way. She was able to lay all her cares down at her Savior’s feet. The speaker, Latisha Burley, had the girls tie a string around their wrist as a reminder of what God had shown them that weekend. Tanya wore her string for months. It was a great visual to remember God’s personal touch in her life.
Oregon Ministry Network Girls Ministry is thrilled to present Oregon Teen Girls Conference.
This event is specifically designed to minister to Middle and High School girls, grades 6-12. Oregon Girls Ministry wants to reach girls of all backgrounds, from new believers to long-time believers.
In just 24 jam-packed hours, these girls will:• Encounter the Lord• Be equipped, challenged and encouraged• Experience fun "girl talk," as well as life-changing discussions• Glean from dynamic speakers• Engage in worship• Develop valuable relationships with each other and their leaders• Gain understanding and guidance about issues they face daily• Learn how to be bold and lead others to Christ
Save the Date! March 2-3, 2018

What We Can Learn From the Olive

“We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed… Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day. For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all. So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.” ~2 Corinthians 4:8-9,16-18

Olives in their natural state are hard and bitter. To become edible, they have to be heavily processed. This process can include washing, breaking, grinding, soaking, mixing and pressing. These steps take a lot of time and resources but result in a product that can be used and enjoyed for its intended purpose.
This reminds me of how our lives are as we grow in the Lord. In our natural human state, we can be hard and bitter. Then the Lord washes us of our sins, breaks our chains and soaks us in His Word. Just as with olives, this process is not easy and doesn’t happen overnight, but the outcome is so amazing. Even when we’re being broken and pressed from all sides and don’t know what will happen next, it’s all part of His process. No matter what stage of the refining process you are in, God can still use you and has an intended purpose for your life, and He’s with you through it all.

The Impact of Girls Ministry

"Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans." Proverbs 16:3

I love this verse, because the Lord really does establish our plans throughout our lives according to His purpose. If we commit to Him, He goes above and beyond what we could ever think. I’ve experienced this first-hand, and I am committed to helping all girls see their potential through the eyes of Jesus. This is what Girls Ministry is all about. ALL GIRLS, ALL AGES!
I remember the people who made a difference in my life from a young age all the way through my teenage years. From Sunday School teachers to Kids Leaders to Youth Leaders, they made sure I knew that God had a purpose for my life. I learned that I was wanted and loved by God, and how that would never change.
With these past influences in mind, I am so excited to see what God will do for our young girls all over the state of Oregon at Girls Camp this summer. You don’t want to miss this amazing opportunity for girls to be supernaturally impacted for the rest of their lives. I hope you’ll consider joining us.
This opportunity to lead Girls Ministries is such an honor and privilege, and I look forward to being involved with the Youth and Kids Leaders of Oregon for years to come.
Girls CampAugust 18-20Kellogg Springs CampSpeaker: Roberta Shimomura