September 25, 2023

How Can We Serve You?

Rosa Gonzalez

What does your fall routine look like? Here at NU Oregon, our fall calendars are filled with visits and events that connect us to the faith community and beyond. Our travel plans are not limited to college fairs and large events – we visit churches, youth gatherings, young adult retreats, and other gatherings and institutions. Scheduling an NUO visit to your church or event can help to supply resources to those who sense the Lord calling them to the next step in their education. We are also happy to serve in other ways that may be helpful to your congregation: leading worship, guest speaking, facilitating a workshop, etc. No matter where we go, we are committed to serving the Church and encouraging people to pursue their calling.

Here are some places we will be during the coming weeks. If you’ll be attending any of these events and gatherings, come say hi to us!

We would love to connect with your community to share about what the Lord is doing at NU Oregon and invite them into our story. If you’re interested in scheduling a visit, please contact Rosa Gonzalez at or 503-304-0092.

A Community of Belonging
Do you long for a Jesus-first community as you pursue God’s direction for your life? NU Oregon’s campus community is full of working adults who are creating space for deeper learning and fellowship. There is room for you here!

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