July 20, 2023

Pastor Trenton Reich: Insights and Resources from a Graduate Student

Rosa Gonzalez

Pastor Trenton Reich is the Executive Ministries Pastor at Relevant Life Church in Salem and a student in NU Oregon’s MA in Bible and Theology cohort. The cohort has been in session since January 2023, and we asked Trenton to share about his experience as a student since then. 

Q: What are the most valuable things you’ve learned in your program so far?

Trenton immediately points to the power of the Holy Spirit for the Christian. He says his studies have "inspired and challenged me to build a deeper relationship with the Holy Spirit, as well as call those I lead to do the same" so that the Spirit's power is emphasized more as central to the Christian life. Trenton's second insight is the way that cultural forces have impacted the perception of the pastorate. He says that this influence has allowed for abuse of God's intention for the pastoral role. "Pastors are not celebrities," he says, "they have been called to serve." Pastors are to shepherd, not fulfill personal ambition, he notes, adding, "we are all susceptible to this path, and it takes consistent and intentional work to avoid it."

Q: What are some valuable resources you would recommend to your fellow pastors and ministry as a result of your learning?

Trenton was quick to respond! “There have been so many amazing books that have been part of our required reading, but the two that stand out as the most valuable to me so far are Getting Real by Gary Tyra and The Continuing Conversion of the Church by Darrell L. Guder. Getting Real will challenge readers to a deeper daily walk with the Holy Spirit, and The Continuing Conversion of the Church will cause deep questioning of the reduced version of the gospel. Both books, if taken to heart, could help shift the future of the American Church.”

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