July 24, 2023

Moving Forward

Lee McCloud

Pastor Lee McCloud became the Lead Pastor of the Oregon Ministry Network on June 14, 2023. In this video, he gives an update on the next steps, which include a restructuring plan, appointment of a new Secretary/Treasurer, plans to honor Bill and Joy Wilson at Intermission 2023, and updates on Pastoral Care, Women in Ministry, and Ministry Coaching.

Next Steps

1) Restructuring Plan

In accordance with our bylaws and to reduce expenses, the Network will move from 3 full-time executive positions to 2 full-time executive positions. The Lead Pastor and Secretary/Treasurer positions will remain full-time, while the Assistant Lead Pastor will become a part-time position.

2) Announcement of Secretary/Treasurer

a. Pastor Brian Eno has been selected by the Network Presbytery and Pastor Lee McCloud to serve as Secretary/Treasurer. He has agreed and will begin on or around October 1, 2023.

b. Pastor Boyd Powers will continue to serve during this time of transition through December 31, 2023.

3) Missions Director

Pastor Boyd Powers will continue to serve as the Missions Director through the Network Summit in April 2024. At that time, the Network Presbytery will submit a name for consideration for this role.

4) Celebrating Bill & Joy Wilson

The Network will host a celebration honoring Bill & Joy Wilson for their 16 tremendous years of ministry service on Monday, October 23, 2023, at Intermission. This event will require Intermission registration to attend to cover catering expenses.

5) Pastoral Care

Pastor Larry and Delores Steller have retired as Pastoral Care Directors after many years of exceptional service. Please join us in prayer about who God is preparing to lead this ministry.

6) Women in Ministry

Pastor Cindy McCloud is the new Director of Women in Ministry. Under her direction, Women in Ministry will continue to provide resources and support for women who serve in ministries across Oregon. Stay tuned for information about the annual conference happening again in March 2024.

7) Ministry Coaching

The Network remains committed to a culture of coaching. During this transition, send inquiries to Valerie Pratt at 503-393-4411 or valerie.pratt@oregonag.org.

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