June 21, 2023

A New Chapter for the OMN

Boyd Powers

A historic event is one that stands out as having had a significant, history-changing impact. The April 1914 organizational meeting of the Assemblies of God that convened in Hot Springs, Arkansas, with the goal of providing accountability, structure, and unity so that early Pentecostals could better carry out the mission of God in their communities, cities and around the world certainly has had a significant, history-changing impact. Darrin Rodgers, director of the Flower Pentecostal Heritage Center and editor of Assemblies of God Heritage magazine, writes,

“This vision transcended the racial and social divides, the Assemblies of God grew to become a multi-ethnic and international movement. The approximately 300 men and women who came together in Hot Springs organized a fellowship that in 100 years would become one of the largest families of Christian churches in the world."

            Fast-forward 109 years. From a humble beginning in 1914, we have grown to nearly 70 million constituents with 2,640 global workers currently serving in 252 countries, provinces, and territories. The Oregon Ministry Network is a member of this amazing global family. I’m thankful to be able to report that the fire that burned in the hearts of those early Pentecostals, enabling them to do exploits for God, continues to burn bright in the hearts and lives of our Network family, as evidenced by your response during our recent Summit.

         Accelerate the Now was an ambitious initiative to raise $1 million for one million university students attending Oregon's universities today and in the coming years. On Tuesday evening, following an anointed message by General Superintendent Doug Clay, there was an unprecedented response as the Holy Spirit moved across the sanctuary and hearts of those in attendance. A total of $746,000 was committed to the Accelerate the Now initiative. An additional $58,000 was given in the annual missions offering. The total given that evening for advancing God's redemptive mission across the street and worldwide was $804,000. Without question, this was a historic moment for the Oregon Ministry Network.

            During the Summit business session, Lee McCloud was elected as the ninth Network Lead Pastor (Superintendent) of the Oregon Ministry Network. During a special luncheon on June 13, the Ministry Network team expressed love and appreciation to Bill and Joy Wilson for their sixteen years of outstanding leadership. Plans are underway for the entire Network to have the opportunity to honor them at a future event.

            June 14 marked the beginning of a new chapter for the Ministry Network as Lee McCloud assumed leadership as the Network Lead Pastor. While Lee’s sixteen years serving as the assistant lead pastor has prepared and positioned him for the task at hand, he needs our support and prayer as he faces the complexities and challenges associated with his new role. Join me in praying that his leadership will have a significant, history-changing impact.

Our best days are ahead.

Boyd S. Powers, D.Min.

Oregon Ministry Network

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Keizer, OR 97303