March 28, 2023

Family Reunion

Bill Wilson

…love the family of believers…

1 Peter 2:17

One of the highlights of my childhood was going to an annual Wilson or Leedy family reunion. Both families were large, which meant times of great conversations, exceptional fun, and an abundance of amazing food. Both families had their own traditions and styles, but each expressed love, acceptance, and affirmation. I always left those reunions grateful for my heritage and anticipated the next reunion.

Every April, our Oregon Ministry Network has a family reunion called the Network Summit. This year’s Network family reunion will be held April 17-18, 2023, at Peoples Church in Salem and will prove to be one of the most meaningful in recent years. I am really pumped and can’t wait for this one.

Here are the six things you can anticipate this year.

  • Connecting with Network family and friends.
    This will be the year to see friends and welcome new attendees.
  • Experiencing uplifting worship and earnest prayer.
    We will experience the presence of the Holy Spirit.
  • Acknowledging the 2023 Credential & Ordination Classes.
    This is our most formal ceremony for one of our largest classes in recent years.
  • Hearing powerful messages and testimonies.
    We welcome General Superintendent Doug Clay and several amazing speakers this year who will inspire and provide timely insights on current challenges.
  • Participating in significant family business decisions.
    In addition to ministry updates and elections, there will be an unveiling of actions we, as a family, will take in the coming year.
  • Introducing one of the most ambitious efforts in our history.
    There will be a rollout of a major God-given vision to reach this generation.

There is so much more for this year’s Network family reunion. I promise you the fellowship will be wonderful. So don’t wait! Register today at our OMN website. I’m looking forward to being with our family.

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