February 22, 2023

Four Vital Actions in Leadership

Bill Wilson

So the word of God spread. The number of disciples in Jerusalem increased rapidly...

Acts 6:7

In February, our Network Leadership Team was able to travel the state in what we call our “2023 Connection Tour.” The tour's main purpose has been to connect with our OMN pastors and leaders. In addition, we wanted the time to be enriching and empowering to continue fulfilling our spiritual leadership roles. I am pleased to report that nearly 400 participated in the 2023 CT. It was powerful. 

During this year’s tour, I shared our 2023 theme, ACCELERATE, and provided 4 Action Steps to take that will help us pick up the pace of ministry in the local context.  

1. Be ALERT To What God Is Doing Now.

See, I am doing a new thing!

Isaiah 43:19

I shared that we should always be grateful for what God has done in the past. Those specific moments have brought redemption, change, and a new direction that has shaped us. However, I stressed that we must not get stuck in the past. If we do, we will miss what God is doing now. 

So, I encourage you to be ALERT to the new word or work God is doing today in and through your life. Be observant of what God is speaking and doing at this moment. We dare not miss it, or we will decline and not move forward. 

2. Be AGGRESSIVE in Improving Your Vision.

So prepare your minds for action.

1 Peter 1:13

I spoke of the value of pausing from the current routine, taking time to pray, and planning for the next step God has for us. What new vision, dream, or project does God long for you to take? After completing a demanding two-year building project in our church, I found myself gliding, not growing.  I remember wondering, “Ok, now what do I do?” After seeking the Lord, He refreshed my vision for our new season. It was a pivotal moment in our ministry as a church. God does not run out of vision and dreams for your future. In fact, you are about to step into your most fruitful season in ministry if you let God speak again to you.

3. Be AVAILABLE to Use Your Gifts and Skills.  

For this reason, I remind you to fan the flame the gift God...

2 Timothy 1:6

Acceleration speaks of activating the gifts and skills God has given you. This is the message of Romans 12 and reminds us not to be idle or passive in those motivational gifts. They are needed. You have been positioned to be an influencer, instructor, and inspiration to others. Stir up the gifts God has given you and use them in your community. You’ll experience growth personally and collectively for the glory of God. 

4. Be ACTIVE in following the Holy Spirit's Lead.

If we live by the Spirit, let us also keep in step with the Spirit. 

Galatians 5:25

We accelerate when we follow the Holy Spirit’s leading. It requires faith, trust, cooperation, and obedience. I am wondering what the Holy Spirit is leading you to do now. Speaking to someone about faith in Jesus? Starting a new discipleship effort? Staying where you are rather than leaving? Accepting a new assignment? Beginning a new sermon series?  Resetting your leadership model?  The list could go on. The Holy Spirit guides you and will bring you into a new season. Go for it!

I continue to be expectant and excited about the Oregon Ministry Network. Together we will accelerate and see God do great things! Keep moving forward!

Looking forward to seeing you at Summit 2023. A new format and special guest General Superintendent Doug Clay. Can’t wait. 

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