January 31, 2023

Ethan: Accelerate the Now

David Kennedy

The Oregon Ministry Network is passionate about reaching the young in Oregon for the gospel. A time of spiritual peril and opportunity comes when teens moves to college and begin their adult life. This can be spiritually dangerous for our Christian students, but also an opportunity for spiritual empowerment and missional mobilization.

Chi Alpha is the Assembly of God’s mission arm to the college campus. On move-in day for a University student, we want to welcome them with the hospitality of the gospel and ingraft them into a missional Christian community on campus. It is our passion to reach lost college students for the gospel, raise up Christian students for ministry, and send them equipped and empowered to live out Christ’s calling in our Oregon communities and throughout the world. We believe that through reaching the college campus, we can raise up a new generation in Oregon that will advance the cause of Christ.

A Million of a Million

Chi Alpha wants to have a long term, Gospel centered mission on every campus in our state. Part of our plan to accomplish this is through the establishing of ministry centers near seven strategic campuses in our state. There are roughly 1 million people in Oregon under the age of 21. We are asking you to help us raise $1 for each of these young people to invest in our ministry infrastructure to have a long lasting missions to reach this generation and to reach the college students in Oregon for generations to come. This money would go to the purchasing of a new ministry center in Corvallis, as well as putting Chi Alpha in the financial position to purchase more ministry centers as we expand to more campuses throughout the state of Oregon.

Visit the website to learn more about Accelerate the Now.

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