January 3, 2023

Building on What You've Started

Rosa Gonzalez

Welcome to 2023!
With the start of a new year often comes with hopes and questions about what is yet to come. What better time to reset your heart than the new year? As you begin making plans and setting new ministry goals, we encourage you to set aside time for spiritual renewal and abiding in Christ. This is how we fight our battles and live abundantly!
Our NU Oregon faculty and staff have compiled a list of practical ways to do so and some helpful resources for spiritual renewal. Download it here!

Leaders are readers! We are continuing our series of book giveaways with this month’s book selection, the perfect companion to the start of a new year: The Mind of the Spirit: Paul’s Approach to Transformed Thinking. Our winner for this month is Lead Pastor Dwayne Winslow from Mission Assembly of God!

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How will you put Jesus first this year?
Join our community of Jesus-first learners and leaders! If God is calling you to lead, he is also calling you to learn. What better place to develop your leadership than in an environment committed to building on what God has started in you? The second half of the spring semester begins on February 28th. Apply here for Spring Session B!

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