November 28, 2022

A Jesus-First Community

Rosa Gonzalez

How are you preparing to honor Jesus this season? As our students have asked the Lord to transform their character and deepen their integrity this year, we have seen Jesus’s example of righteousness and integrity in a new light. In the spirit of the season, our students have paused to share some of their thoughts, along with good wishes for the holidays.
Contributing Students: Grady Phelan, Acacia Gibson, Zoe Opperman, Beto Reyes, Nichols Fandiño

Mark your calendars: Dr. Craig Keener, leading New Testament scholar, is coming to Oregon to spend time with AG ministers! Watch for links to register for a special meeting with Dr. Keener, just for OMN ministers, on Thursday afternoon, March 30.  Details will be announced right after the holidays.

We are giving gifts! Last month, we began a series of book giveaways in preparation for Dr. Craig Keener’s visit to Oregon this coming spring. This month’s book by Dr. Keener is great for Pentecostal pastors: Gift & Giver: The Holy Spirit for Today. The winner is TERRIE PURSEL!

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What new things await you in January 2023?
Spring semester for our undergraduate students begins on January 9th. You or your staff may sense God asking you to stretch to further your education. It’s not too late to apply! Applications for Undergraduate Spring 2023 and our 2023 Master of Arts in Ministry Leadership Cohort are both open for admission. Apply here!

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