October 27, 2022


John Bagorio

What is all the fuss about? Do I need to be a 360Man? After I thought about these things, I knew the answer was YES. Please allow me to share what a 360Man is to me and why I encourage every man in Oregon to be one, too. …

  • A 360Man is no longer willing to sit by and watch biblical manhood and masculinity come under assault.
  • A 360Man wants fellowship and friendship with other men.
  • A 360Man accepts the role of the priest in his home, church, and workplace.
  • A 360Man commits to ongoing, lifelong discipleship
  • A 360Man invests in helping other men grow in Christ.
  • A 360Man supports his pastor, is active in his church, and helps his family and others to do so as well.
  • A 360Man helps reach the world for Christ because reaching the world is God’s mission—and a man of God wants to accomplish God’s mission!

Many men in Oregon and 49 other States have joined.

Please, take a moment to go to https://360man.ag.org/ and sign up. Join the movement!

Oregon Ministry Network

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