October 26, 2022

Abiding Together

Sean Silverii

In September, Tom Bachman and I had the privilege of hanging with a great group of children and youth ministers at our annual Oregon Coast Forum. What an amazing time to relax, be filled up, encouraged, and remember who Jesus is and who we are in Him. Through moments like these, I am reminded of the importance of abiding, to find my rest in our King. Some lyrics to the song “Waterfall" by Jonathan Ogden, is appropriate; my hope is you will internalize this truth and find your satisfaction in Master Jesus:

Everlasting One
Nothing else compares
To knowing You
To knowing You

You're the living God
And my soul it longs
To be with You
To be with You

You are worthy Lord
Of every song that I could sing
That I could sing
And my heart cries out

God I need You more than anything
Than anything

'Cause Your love is like a waterfall
And Your love is like a flowing stream

And whenever I'm feeling dry
I come to the river, I come to the river of life
Oh, come to the river of life

Waterfall by Jonathan Ogden

May the love of our King and Savior Jesus, wash over you this day. You are not what you produce; you are not the opinions and expectations of people, or even yourself. Come to the River and be refreshed.

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