June 23, 2022

Oregon Pastors Care About This Cultural Moment

Rosa Gonzalez

About 25 OMN members attended “Tough Talks” on our campus after this year’s Summit.  This was an opportunity to dive deeper into core issues of our culture and learn how to better engage in conversations on difficult topics. This is how one of our attenders, Mike West, recalls his experience:

"I absolutely loved being able to attend the Tough Talks conference hosted by Northwest University [Oregon]. In such a critical time in our lives, and in our society as a whole, I believed that it was imperative to rethink how I do ministry going forward. I found the topics to be both helpful and applicable. This conference has given me a fresh perspective on how to handle the tough topics of today's culture going forward."

Watch for more ways to take advantage of having an NU campus here in Oregon, as we partner with OMN to support and resource ministers and leaders.

In addition to events like Tough Talks, NU Oregon also supports Oregon ministers through its program offerings, including a master's program in Ministry Leadership. The 2-year program features courses specifically chosen to approach relevant issues in a post-Christian society like Oregon, all in the context of a cohort of students to journey with. This is how Tristan Jepson, a recent graduate from the 2020-21 master's cohort, recalls her experience:

“Being a part of the MAML cohort has been something that I am SO glad I did. It expanded and impacted my understanding and ministry in ways I never would have expected. Something about the combination of the challenging course content with the cohort context produced an environment that was incredible for learning and personal growth.”

For anyone who is ready for the next step but is struggling to move forward, Tristan offers this word of wisdom: “Everything requires faith. If [you] feel like God’s leading [you] in this direction, take the step of faith!”

If you’re interested in learning more about our upcoming master’s cohort, join us for one of our July Info Sessions! Meet with our staff and some recent graduates on Thursday, July 14th from 3-4:30 pm or 6:30-8 pm. Email us to RSVP!

For more information, contact us at oregon@northwestu.edu or 503-304-0092.

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