May 23, 2022

OMN Adds New Presbyter

Bill Wilson

Since its beginning in 1937, the Oregon Ministry Presbytery has provided guidance, management, and support to our ministers and churches. During our 85th Network Summit in April, it was approved to expand the Presbytery by the addition of a Female Presbyter. This was a historic and timely decision, providing an opportunity for one of our amazing ordained female ministers to officially serve on the Presbytery.

I am pleased to announce that Reverend Karen Keyser Hillyer was overwhelmingly selected by the voting members to fill the first two-year term as an OMN Female Presbyter. This will increase our impact as a Network family in the days ahead.

Karen and her husband Terry, live in Eugene where Karen leads the International Chi Alpha ministries at the University of Oregon. Karen has dedicated herself to reaching students who come from various parts of the world to attend the U of O. Her many years of experience and her passion for disciplining students have impacted hundreds of students. It is with great excitement that we welcome Karen as our first official Female Presbyter.

I should also add that Dr. Debbie Lamm Bray has served as an auditor of the presbytery meetings. Debbie was invited into the meetings to help us build a stronger connection with Northwest University–Oregon. Although Dr. Lamm Bray had no vote, she has provided spiritual insight, wise counsel, and encouragement to the Network governing body. I am pleased to say that Debbie will continue to participate as an auditor. This gives us two brilliant and dedicated female ministers to help shape the OMN future.

The Oregon Ministry Network Presbytery:

  • Bill Wilson, Network Lead Pastor (Superintendent)
  • Lee McCloud, Network Assistant Lead Pastor (Assistant Superintendent)
  • Boyd Powers, Network Assistant Lead Pastor for Administration (Secretary-Treasurer)
  • Stan Russell, General Presbyter
  • Jim Boyd, Central Region
  • John Norman, Coastal Region
  • Brad Phillips, Eastern Region
  • Terry Abbott, Portland Metro Region
  • Brian Steller, Southern Region
  • Kevin Reich, Willamette Valley Region
  • Vasile Cinpean, Intercultural
  • Karen Hillyer, Female
  • Joel Morris, Under 40
  • Brett Huff, Finance Committee Chair

    Please join us in praying for our entire OMN Presbytery as they serve us.

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