March 7, 2022

Ukraine Relief

Boyd Powers

Thank you for praying with us for the Ukraine crisis, which is becoming increasingly tragic! Times like this demonstrate how a worldwide missionary fellowship like the Assemblies of God affords your congregation the opportunity to make an impact on the lives of suffering people across the world. AG World Missions provides the "long reach" that connects caring hearts in the United States with desperately needy people throughout the world.

This is clearly going to be one of the largest relief efforts we have undertaken in many years and we need help from every Assembly of God church.

Two Ways to Help

  1. Invite your church to give.
  2. Encourage your church to pray.

The Eurasia region is working with the national church in Ukraine to supply emergency food, water, clothing, and temporary shelter to internally displaced people in Ukraine. Our missionaries and national leaders in Europe are already conducting relief efforts, or are ready to, for Ukrainian refugees in Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic, and Croatia.

We have established a relief account for Ukraine: AGWM/COH Disaster Relief—Ukraine 410946 (73). This is an AGWM account for joint appeals we make with Convoy of Hope to AG churches and we share the funds with Convoy which partners with us in major relief efforts.

Here is a direct link to that account in AG Giving: This link can also be shared in emails and on social media for those wanting to give quickly.

Quick Links

Please consider sending an offering from funds you have on hand or afford your congregation the opportunity next Sunday to designate a gift for this desperate need.

Thank you for anything you can do to enable us to serve the poor and suffering, both in Ukraine and in surrounding countries—to enable our missionaries and national churches to reach out to refugees in the love of Christ and share His gospel with those who don't know Him. Please continue to ask your congregation to earnestly pray for Ukraine, especially for our dear brothers and sisters who are suffering so much in this horrific crisis.

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