January 3, 2022

Leading with Lasting Impact

Rosa Gonzalez

NU Oregon cares about the future of effective ministry in Oregon. It is our goal to develop leaders who are equipped to navigate an ever-evolving cultural landscape that requires conviction, courage, and capacity. Our Master of Arts in Ministry Leadership (MAML) program is an invaluable next step for Oregon pastors.

Our first group of MAML students has reported experiencing rich benefits, including:

  • Collaborative learning encourages genuine questions and conversations.
  • A focus on the post-Christian environment, such as we have in the Pacific Northwest, provides applicable ministry training.
  • The cohort-style group setting enables closer relationships to develop with professors and classmates and provides a supportive community throughout the program.
  • Exposure to people and thoughts outside of normal circles of influence, providing a well-rounded learning experience and once-in-a-lifetime conversations.

These benefits speak for themselves – and we want you to experience them! Contact Rosa Gonzalez at rosa.gonzalez@northwestu.edu for more information, or apply here for the MAML 2022 Cohort which will begin in May 2022!

For more information, contact us at oregon@northwestu.edu or 503-304-0092.

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