November 15, 2021

Zdravo from Montenegro!

Tamara Henkes

I am coming upon 10 months now in my new country. So much has happened in the past 10 months from being a part of the first ever Assemblies of God team as well as seeking God’s direction for this brand-new work here in the country of Montenegro. I dove right into language learning and continue to work hard while enrolled in three different language programs.

I traveled to Novi Sad Serbia this past summer to spend a couple of weeks in an intensive 40-hour language program to supplement my ongoing studies.  I found a new home and shipped my home furnishings from Romania here. I also received my temporary residency thanks to the hard work and help from Tanja. Montenegro has experienced severe restrictions and lock down due to Covid but despite that God has opened up some doors in building one on one relationships.

Relationship with Helga, a woman I met while walking in my neighborhood. Helga is in a wheelchair due to a car accident, and we stopped and talked.  I get to visit her weekly now to do a Bible Study. Relationships with those in the stores and taxi drivers doing the best I can to communicate in Montenegrin language why I am here in their country.  Relationships with those I work out with in the gym and God has opened some doors to share faith with them. Relationship with my landlord as we talk on a weekly basis and have had a chance to go out for meals, building our friendship. Relationship with my teammates. We meet weekly for praise and worship and Bible study as we get to know each other and pray for God’s leading us in future ministry

 I have had some opportunities to explore my new country learning its history and culture.  Although we have faced much isolation and challenges this past 10 months I have expanded my family, adopting a couple of little guys  which has made my time less isolating.

Thank you Oregon Ministry Network for sending me here, praying for me and encouraging me continually.

Oregon Ministry Network

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