August 27, 2021

Vaccine Mandate Resources

David Kennedy

The General Council of the Assemblies of God does not have an official position or statement on vaccine mandates. Here are a few resources that offer commentary or guidance on this issue.

Summary Guidance from the ADF (Alliance Defending Freedom)
Richard Hammar highly recommends this resource which addresses vaccine mandates as it relates to employment, students, churches, and the military. He believes it is sufficient to answer most questions.

White Paper by Don Detrick (Northwest Ministry Network)
This paper offers helpful insight and commentary on the historical position of the Assemblies of God related to healthcare decisions. Please note, it was prepared for ministers and churches in Washington and specific comments may not apply to Oregon ministers or churches.

Religious Exception Form provided by the State of Oregon
The Oregon Health Authority has made this form available for individuals seeking a religious exception to the current vaccine mandate.

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