June 1, 2021

Is the Light for the Lost Tour in Oregon Dead?

John Bagorio

NO! Let me tell you why… Before I do let me give you some facts about Light for the Lost. Light for the Lost provides evangelistic resources for missionaries and missionary partners through five platforms: print, audio, video, internet, and technologies.

OUR BEGINNING - Light for the Lost (LFTL) began in 1953 when a businessman named Sam Cochran had a terrifying vision. While in prayer he saw a multitude of people representing every nation and language reaching upward towards heaven. A great hand holding a Bible extended down towards them. The people cried out, "GIVE US THE BOOK!" But suddenly, a door opened beneath them and they fell screaming into hell having never heard the gospel. Afterwards, Sam Cochran rallied men to help raise funds to provide evangelism resources for missionaries reaching the lost overseas.

The movement those men began in 1953 became Light for the Lost (LFTL). To date, we are approaching the $350 million mark of funds invested in world evangelism by LFTL.

OUR MANDATE - The gospel of Jesus needs to reach every person on earth. John 4:35 says, “Look at the fields...they are ripe for harvest.” Light for the Lost helps share the gospel worldwide--no matter the language, culture or location--by providing critically needed evangelism resources. 

YOUR PLACE ON THE MISSION - We need your help to fulfill our mandate of Matthew 28:19-20! You can make an eternal impact through one-time or monthly giving. A variety of ways exist for you to partner with LFTL.

  1. ONE-TIME or MONTHLY GIVING. We have an annual LFTL Tour in Oregon every May. We offer a steak dinner, challenging speaker, and the opportunity to give to support LFTL.
  2. CELEBRATE THE LIGHT. You can host a Celebrate the Light (CTL) service at your church and take up an offering for a LFTL project. We’ve created a series of incredible story-based missions videos that highlight how LFTL works.
  3. LFTL COUNCILMEN. If you are LFTL Councilman, thank you! We appreciate and deeply value your continued Councilman status.
  4. 360MAN. We’ve created the 360Man to help rally today's man to the mission. A 360Man supports ministry to men on a monthly basis and commits to living out the principles of Acts 2:42-47. Are you such a man?

OUR CURRENT SITUATION - The initial question: is the LFTL Tour in Oregon DEAD? Here is why the answer is a resounding NO! In 2019 we were up 23% in LFTL giving over the year before with $123,840 and in 2020 with the Covid lockdowns, we were up another 28% for a total of $140,231. At the time of writing this article it looks like 2021 will be another record year with over $36,000 coming in already in the first quarter and raising another $90,000 in cash and almost $100,000 more in Faith Promises for the year.

THANK YOU – For your faithfulness to the mission of LFTL and helping to get the gospel of Jesus out to meet the needs to reach the world for Christ! In Oregon the LFTL Tour happens annually the first two weeks of May, we look forward to seeing you next year at one of our LFTL Steak dinners.

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