December 21, 2020

An update on the latest COVID-19 guidance for Oregon churches.

Bill Wilson

Thank you for being so diligent and dedicated during these challenging times. I received some good news regarding Church Gatherings in Oregon this past weekend. On Friday, the Governor’s Office announced a revision to the current gathering restrictions in our state. Below you will find the Modified Statement.

This is a wonderful Christmas announcement for us all. I do encourage all of our churches to continue to practice appropriate health protocols as we move forward.

Bill Wilson

The following is a statement from the Governor's Office that was distributed this past Friday, December 19, 2020:

I write to inform you of a legal change to the guidance for faith institutions, which the Governor authorized a few days ago. As you may be aware, a series of recent court decisions arising in other states have appeared to modify the legal analysis that some courts may apply to certain public health restrictions that are specific to faith institutions. In light of those decisions, the State has opted to modify the guidance for faith institutions so that, as a legal matter, the capacity limits for faith institutions are public health recommendations only, and not enforceable. Other requirements (e.g. masks and physical distancing as outlined in the guidance) remain mandatory. A copy of the updated guidance is available here.

Please note that the only reason for this legal change is the recent shift in the legal arena. The science, data, and our assessment of what is necessary to keep the community safe has not changed. Accordingly, our public health recommendations regarding capacity limits in faith institutions remain unchanged as well.

We appreciate your partnership and adaptability during this difficult time, and we hope that as leaders and partners in our community, you will continue to comply with the recommendations regarding capacity limits, as well as the other mitigation measures that are in place to keep us all safe.

Oregon Ministry Network

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