October 5, 2020

Choosing Hope

Joy Wilson

Choosing hope and purpose when life seems disrupted.

As we enter the fall season many changes take place. Some of the most noticeable changes are that the weather gets colder and the leaves of the trees change color. The trees that were green change to red, orange, yellow or brown before they begin to fall in the autumn breezes. Our days seem to be shorter as we get less sunlight.

For many, fall is their favorite season. They look forward to the warm fires, and cozy blankets. Fall 2020 brings with it additional changes. We are adjusting to new school schedules, some online, some in person. We are continuing to reach out to get help for those who have been displaced through the fires.

Pastors are continuing to figure out the best ways to engage their church people and those looking for a place to connect.

Many decisions that could cause us to feel spent, right? Have you come to the place where you are flat out overwhelmed and running on empty? I don’t know about you, but that is when my feelings start to get a bit touchy. Today you may be physically spent, emotionally raw, mentally zapped, or spiritually dry.

How can we take these feelings and still walk in hope and purpose?

Psalm 42:5 (The MSG) says it clearly:

Why are you down in the dumps, dear soul?

Why are you crying the blues?

Fix my eyes on God—

soon I’ll be praising again.

He puts a smile on my face.

He’s my God.

Our hope is in the unchanging promises of God. He is our hope. He is our strength. He is our song. The hope of Christ is the one thing we can cling to. The time to choose hope is now. Life may not be easy but choose hope anyway.

  • Choose to spend time in the Word and with the Lord.
  • Choose to intentionally give praise to the Lord.
  • Choose to find someone to help, to encourage and to build up.
  • Choose to engage in something new.
  • Choose to be intentional in how you spend your time.
  • As you choose hope, He will bring a smile to your face. What a great, unchanging promise.

Hope to see you at the Dream Rallies in October.

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