October 5, 2020

Visit a Masters Class

Kyle Thompson

If you are interested in earning your Master of Arts in Ministry Leadership as part of the Oregon Cohort beginning in January 2022, then we would love to have you visit our current cohort class meeting on Thursday, October 29th from 6 pm -7 pm.  The class is Preaching for Change by Dr. Dick Foth and Van Clements. Space is very limited!  Please RSVP as soon as possible.. 

Undergraduate Program Visits

Individual visits are available on Tuesdays for those who would like to experience chapel, sit in class, and meet the professors, staff, and students of NU Oregon.  Contact Kyle today to schedule your day to join us.

Session B Application Deadline

For those interested in enrolling for our Fall Session B classes, October 14th is the final deadline for all admission materials. 

Contact Information:

Kyle Thompson, Admissions and Marketing Coordinator

Kyle.thompson@northwestu.edu | 503.304.0092 | oregon.northwestu.edu

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