October 5, 2020

Reset - Rebuild - Reclaim

Bill Wilson

Come, let us rebuild…The God of heaven will give us success. 

Nehemiah 2:17,20

In January 2020, many of us were not thinking about the assorted challenges and changes that would be faced in this year.  Most of us were dreaming about what significant endeavors we would be involved in 2020.  

The year started off with the 2020 Prayer Tour, allowing us to pray with nearly 400 pastors and leaders in 18 different stops.  At the time I could not imagine the significance of those gatherings.      

Days after the 2020 Prayer Tour concluded, we were confronted with COVID-19 and all the alerts, closures, restrictions, and modifications to our normal way of life.  But in the midst of it all, God provided his help in our time of shifting sands.  I commend the resilience and flexibility of our pastors and churches during the last 9 months.      

Just when we began to see some encouraging shifts, the 2020 wildfires started. They burned an estimated 1 million acres, causing 40,000 to leave their homes. The total from loss and personal pain is yet to be fully realized.

As you may know, nearly 20 of our pastors were evacuated from their homes and several OMN church buildings were in the evacuation zones. Sadly, Pastors Doug and Cheri Fairrington of Blue River and Pastors Ron and Jan Timen of Talent both lost their homes to fire, plus Living Water Family Fellowship in Blue River, buildings were completely destroyed.  

The OMN has established a “Fire Relief Fund” to assist those pastors who were displaced.  There is a great need and your contribution will make a huge difference.

I can report that in midst of all the loss, there are some incredible stories of protection and provision of pastor’s homes and church buildings that were spared in burned zones. 

I thank all the pastors and churches that have stepped up in giving and assisting their communities, working with Church Extension Plan, Convey of Hope and others providing much needed resources.          

Because 2020 has been a year of emotional, physical and spiritual demand and drain, in October we will be conducting our 2020 Dream Rallies, with our renowned leader, Choco De Jesus. Check out the website for the location nearest you.  These rallies will also include worship, encouragement and needed cooperate prayer.

Not all is lost.  No! No! No!  God is working in the midst of the uncertainties of the times.  The prophetic words for us is: “Reset – Rebuild – Reclaim.”

Come, let us rebuild…The God of heaven will give us success.

Nehemiah 2:17,20

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