September 8, 2020

Chi Alpha: New Staff & Big Plans

Christian Anderson

Last month, I told you that I would be telling you about some of the new staff that we are bringing onto our team this fall. We hired three people to each out to American students: Ana Kowalski, Cassie Engvall, and Jon Rabourn. This is a huge answer to prayer because we think we really have an opportunity to grow the ministry in size and, more importantly, intensity. Let me introduce to these three great individuals.


Ana studied Religion and Culture at Western Washington University (WWU). She is a passionate and excellent worship leader. Next year, she will be leading and forming a worship team for our ministry. Ana also has a strong prophetic gifting. She often looks at issues and discerns what is spiritually going on below the surface of the circumstances.


Cassie was a Theatre Major at WWU with an English minor and a focus in Education. Cassie is a super able human being in everything she does and is super motivated to do evangelism and discipleship. She has amazing leadership qualities, and I am super excited to unleash her on OSU’s campus.

Jon & Myah

Jon studied Business Administration at WWU. He is an extremely kind hearted and responsible guy. He told me once that he thinks the most important task we can do in our lives is to offer the gospel to another person. He is so motivated to reach the lost. Jon is also married to Myah. Myah is hoping to help out in the ministry but mostly feels called to help children in elementary education.

We are so excited about these three co-workers. But if you noticed there are four pictures above. That is because all three of these incoming staff are interested in serving somewhere else. We want Chi Alpha to be on every campus in Oregon. Well, a year ago, the Director of the University of Oregon transitioned to another mission. This last school year, Jake Dahlberg has served as the interim director, but he does not feel called to this position long term. A month ago, Oregon Chi Alpha hired a new director for the University of Oregon, Joey Kelly.

Joey & Danielle

You might remember that I worked with Joey in Bellingham. He has been the Team Lead at Whatcom Community College. He’ll be taking over the U of O ministry sometime in the 2021-2022 school year. These three staff that will be joining us are all interested in being part of the U of O reboot team. They’ll decide if they are going to Eugene sometime next school year.

I am so excited about being a part of strengthening Chi Alpha at another school here in Oregon. I pray that the ministry at OSU will have a legacy of spreading Chi Alpha to every campus in the state of Oregon. Please pray for all for four of these individuals and their families as they have a lot to do to be able to come. They need to raise support as well as make some big decisions and transitions over the next year. I am so privileged to part of this exciting and fruitful mission. Praise the Lord for the opportunity He gives each of us to participate in His mission. I want to thank each of you for your prayers and support that enable us to be part of the Lord’s mission in Oregon.

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