August 26, 2020

Bible Engagement Project

Bill Wilson

What is Bible Engagement Project?

The Bible Engagement Project is a new initiative by the Assemblies of God USA. It is being offered as a digital subscription package that equips churches with digital Bible study resources to engage all ages in Scripture.

What makes this subscription unique?

Bible Engagement Project is designed to resource the congregation and the pastor for consistent Scripture engagement.

For the congregation:
• Curriculum for every age level in the church
• Access to the Bible Engagement Project App where all resources are delivered.

For the pastor:
• One subscription to Logos Bible Software Silver, Bible Engagement Project Edition.

All Bible Engagement Project resources are available in both English and Spanish.

Where to learn more about Bible Engagement Project?

Visit to download sample lessons, watch sample videos, and learn more.

Bible Engagement Project Links:

• Website:
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• Upcoming Webinars:
• “Built on the Bible” Barna Report:
• YouTube:

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