June 15, 2020

Way To Go

Lee McCloud

Cindy and I have had the privilege of serving the Oregon Ministry Network for more than twelve years and realize how fortunate we are to part of this amazing team.  What God has done, and continues to do here in Oregon, is worth cheering about and 2019 was no exception. Here are some highlights of what we were able to accomplish:

Church Development


  • Assisted 20 different churches who went through pastoral transitions by providing board and transitional team support. 
  • Supplied 13 interim pastors for churches going through pastoral transition.
  • Offered 3 different re:SET cohorts for Pastors and leadership teams.

Church Planting

  • Established 1 new church in South Salem.
  • Transferred in New Beginnings International Church in Portland.

Church Health

  • Provided MissionInsite, a complete, comprehensive and up-to-date demographic tool to help churches know their communities better.
  • Provided scholarships for pastors to attend Summit and Intermission who otherwise could not have attended.
  • Subsidized a Vision Trip to Togo, West Africa for Smaller Church Pastors.

While we fell short of the projected 5 new church plants, we had hoped for in 2019, we believe there are many churches in the Oregon Ministry Network, who are healthier now than they were a year ago and we are very excited for the future.

From a financial standpoint, the Oregon Ministry Network invested $149,794 or $410 per day in Church Development efforts across the state of Oregon in 2019.

Men’s Ministry and Light for the Lost

In addition to Church Development, I also have the privilege of working alongside John Bagorio in providing oversight for Men’s Ministry and Light for the Lost. In 2019 we participated in 2 regional Man Camps and the men of Oregon increased their Light for the Lost giving by 25%, and gave $116, 937.  

Way to go God and way to go Oregon Ministry Network team.  Together we are making a difference.

Oregon Ministry Network

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