June 15, 2020

Remarkable Results

Joy Wilson

Ministry Coaching

We are constantly amazed at the outcomes of our ministry leaders being coached. We have seen remarkable results from those who are new to our Network and request to be coached by one of our coaches. These coaches come alongside to assist them in integrating into the Network family and adopt the compelling DNA of the Oregon Ministry Network. 

Each new pastor and or newly credentialed minister has the opportunity to receive six months of free coaching. Every year we have between 8-10 women in ministry being coached by our Network Lead Coach Joy Wilson.

Coaching provides an opportunity for an outside voice to ask questions that help a person to look ahead to future possibilities and opportunities.   

  • What is one God-given idea or goal you have that is important for you to achieve in the next six months?
  • Have you shared this dream or target with anyone?
  • What are the steps you want to take in order to accomplish this?
  • In the coming week are there three smart, measurable, attainable, actions to help move your ideas closer to your dream?

Contact Joy Wilson if you would like to discuss being coached this year.   

Women in Ministry

The OMN is concentrating on meeting the needs of women in ministry through one-on-one coaching, monthly e-newsletters, the Women In Ministry Facebook page, Oregon Garden Getaway, Summit and Intermission breakfast events, ministry to widows and coffee times. We take every opportunity to connect with the women throughout the state. Our executive wives all work alongside each other to minister to women of all ages in the Network and focus on encouraging and enriching women in their personal and leadership roles. 

There were three extraordinary women’s events in 2019. The first was our Oregon Garden Getaway. We were blessed by the moving testimonies of several speakers from our own Network and the powerful worship times led by Lead Pastor Taunja Hoole. During the 2019 Summit, we were blessed by a passionate message from Pat Beiler, who serves with her husband as AGWM Regional Directors to Eurasia. It also gave us the opportunity to celebrate all our itinerating missionaries. Finally, during the 2019 Intermission Women’s Breakfast, we heard a moving message by Bo Stern-Brady. Bo continues to be one of our favorite speakers. Always timely and anointed.     

Thank you for your love and support.  I count it a great honor to serve the Oregon Ministry Network.

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