April 6, 2020

Faith over Fear

Joy Wilson

This is an incredible time to be living. Who would have dreamed we would be facing these tumultuous days. I’m thankful for the words of these two worship songs that I’ve been singing and proclaiming.

When we don’t understand all that’s going on, we...

Raise a Hallelujah
I’m gonna sing,
in the middle of the storm
louder and louder,
you’re gonna hear my praises
roar up from the ashes,
hope will arise
death is defeated,
the King is alive
Faith over fear.
Worship over worry.

And another. I’m proclaiming He is a…

Miracle Worker
Promise Keeper
Light in the darkness
My God That is who you are

He knows exactly who we need Him to be to us.

It’s been good to take my eyes off myself and have the awesome opportunity to connect with pastors and pastor’s wives by phone. It’s been a privilege to call out the names of our AG missions’ family and claim miracles over this Covid-19 that has attacked them. It refreshes my spirit.

I heard Pastor Robert Morris remind us that we need to be speaking in tongues daily to build ourselves up, personally, as the scripture admonishes us to do.

As we go into another week let’s look for the positive in each other. Let’s speak life to our children, have patience when they get frustrated that you don’t teach like their teachers. It’s a new experience for them too.

Everyday journal one thing you’re thankful for, one act of kindness you did, one scripture that spoke to you. I’m always available if you need me.

Be blessed and be a blessing.

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