March 3, 2020

March Women in Ministry Update

David Kennedy

So much to share with you about the trip to Ecuador and the Prayer Tour. Let’s begin with the Ecuador trip.

Ten ladies from the OMN travelled to Guayaquil Ecuador to begin our exciting week, led by our own missionary Laurel Ellis. It was nonstop from the time we arrived. First day of arrival we headed to Cuenca which was a 5-hour drive through the Andes Mountains. On arrival we emptied our suitcases of all the items we had brought for both Night to Shine and the Pastors Wives Retreat. After about an hour we headed to help many special needs children and adults select their outfits for Night to Shine. It was such an emotional evening watching the joy and happiness expressed by each of these families. The team from Oregon was amazing. It had been a really long day, but the ladies worked hard to make everyone feel special. It didn’t take long for the Team Cuenca and Team Oregon to blend and become one. It flowed seamlessly as we worked alongside each other. Night to Shine was phenomenal! Pictures paint a thousand words. I’ll include some below. Wednesday evening, we went to one of the local churches. I was asked to preach and Laurel interpreted. It was a wonderful service and many lives were ministered to. The Retreat Center was where Night to Shine and the Pastors Wives Retreat took place. There were 40 pastors wives in attendance at their first retreat. Laurel worked very hard to get these ladies together and she had great success. Each person on the Oregon Team shared. The ladies were encouraged, motivated, challenged and blessed immensely by everyone.

Upon returning, I joined Bill on the last few days of the Prayer Tour. It was a highlight to be able to meet up with so many in each of the places we stopped. There was a sense of expectancy as we all prayed one for another. Words of encouragement were spoken and received. We’re believing that dreams are being inspired and answers to prayer are going to happen. Looking forward to seeing many of you at the Oregon Garden Getaway.

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