January 7, 2020

2020 Plan

David Kennedy

Happy New Year!

What are you dreaming for in 2020? Many people start the New Year with a list of new goals and aspirations, only to lose hope by the end of January.

What can you do differently this year?

When we read in scripture about dreams you notice they don’t automatically happen. When you receive a God-sized dream it will always require God-sized faith. Sometimes you’ll feel it and other times you won’t but no matter what, you have to push through. This requires us to daily take time with the Lord to hear His plan. “Not my will, but Yours, Lord.”

I believe it is in silence and solitude that God speaks to us and shares with us things that He wants us to do. I have learned to write down what He speaks to me as a reminder that it was His idea not mine. My part is obedience to partner with Him.

2020 Plan
• Daily take time to hear and read His Word.
• Recognize that His ways and plans take time to come to fruition.
• Expect challenges and see them as opportunities.
• Stay positive.
• Ask others for input and assistance.
• Maintain a healthy balance in life and leadership to attain all God has in 2020.

Two dreams I believe God planted in my heart for 2020:

1) Oregon Garden Getaway
An opportunity for ALL women leaders in our churches to learn from others, connect with friends and to be inspired to dream for what God could do. If you have friends in other denominations who are leaders who would like to come, let us know. We would love to make this opportunity available.

2) 40 and Under One Day Conference
Northwest University Oregon Campus located in Brooks, Oregon. September 12, 8:30am-3:30pm. Connecting, listening, empowering, inspiring, and energizing women who are pastoring, leading, or administrating in ministry. A time to receive from others who have had many different life experiences in ministry and leadership. Plan now to attend.

Let’s make 2020 a year to remember. DREAM BIG. EXPECT MIRACLES. He is able to do more than we could imagine.

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