September 24, 2019

Campout and Campfire

Brad Phillips

I’m sure you have met “that one boy”. You know the one I’m talking about. He can’t sit still. He doesn’t listen. He is forever distracting others around him. He is always full of unending questions that do not relate to the subject matter at hand. “that one boy”, I’m sure you have met him, right?

I have met “that one boy” on numerous occasions.

“That one boy” can be quite a challenge. He can make you question your experience and ability as a leader. He can make you question the value of what you are doing. He can make you weigh out whether or not the time off, the expense of getting there and the effort is worth it? “that one boy” can cause you to do some serious self-evaluation!

Wouldn’t it be easier without “that one boy” sometimes?!?!?

Wouldn’t it have been easier for Jesus and His ministry without the needy people, the hungry and sick? Probably, but that would eliminate the very reason that He came.

I recall a time when “that one boy” showed up on a hillside with Jesus. (I’m sure “that one boy” was a Royal Ranger and his mother sent him out for the day, probably to get him out from under her feet) Somehow “that one boy” showed in the pages of the Gospels full of energy and distractions and a part of a miracle.

Jesus wasn’t looking for perfection, he was looking for participation. I think Jesus saw “that one boy” a little differently than others and he borrowed his lunch. Do you think “that one boy” asked for the leftovers?

Campouts and campfires are a lot of work! A little over a month ago I was at an OMN event and “that one boy” showed up again. You could label him “naughty”, “undisciplined”, “difficult” or numerous other things that would describe his behavior at times. He was there and so was I. He would interrupt me, wander off, distract others or ask 1000 irrelevant questions.

It was around a campfire on the third night when “that one boy” was quietly kneeling in the presence of God offering his lunch that I saw a glimpse of his heart. I decided it was worth it! Maybe the miracle on the hillside, the campout and campfires are really for “that one boy”?

Signed, still recovering “that one boy”

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