September 9, 2019

Four Critical Questions

Brian Eno

The foundation of a ministry is constructed out of your vision, mission and values; why you exist and what you believe as a ministry. A ministry is only as strong as it’s foundation. Jesus instructed his followers to build their ministry on the rock and not the sand.
With Jesus’ words in mind, before I ever start a new ministry endeavor, I first sit down and answer four critical questions. The answers to these questions become the foundation of the ministry. Here are those questions…
1. Who are we?
This is a culture question, and culture is king. John Maxwell says, “Culture eats vision for lunch.” Who are you as a ministry? What are you made of? What is your Ministry DNA? What kind of culture do you want this ministry built upon?
When I did this exercise for all our NextGen Ministry Events, listed in my top five is Humble Service. I can do nothing apart from Jesus, so everything must begin and end with prayer.
2. What do we want to achieve?
Begin with the end in mind. You cannot answer this question unless you’ve first envisioned the end results. Dr. Martin Luther King was successful because he had a dream long before he began to march for equality. What is your dream for this ministry?
When we created the Leader’s Lunch Break, we desired to create a monthly conversation with top tier leaders. A conversation between the host and guest that’s so intriguing everyone in ear shot stops to listen.
3. Why are we doing this?
Most of us don’t need to add more to our “To Do List”, and that’s why this question is one of the four critical questions.
Start by listing all the reason you want to create this new ministry. What is driving you? What are your motives? In the case of our Leader’s Lunch Break, it was to help us better fulfill our mission to develop effective leaders.
4. What’s each person’s role?
No ministry should be done alone. We are better together. By asking this question and discussing the answers with your team, you will be able to collaborate your efforts to better achieve your goals.
When answering these questions be honest and brave, because this will assure, you’re building on a firm foundation!

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