August 27, 2019

One Church, One Family

Bill Wilson

Ephesians 3:14-15For this reason I bow my knees to the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, from whom the whole family in heaven and earth is named…

One of the high points of our recent Assemblies of God General Council was the World Missions Commissioning Service on the final evening in Orlando, Florida. 108 new world missionaries were recognized and commissioned to their mission’s assignment somewhere in the world. The extraordinary group of called and dedicated servants included two of our own Oregon Ministry Network world missionaries, the Brubaker’s and the Knapp’s. Both couples are exceptional and skilled and ready to move to their new assignment. I must tell you, although the entire Council was impactful, the Missions Commissioning Service was certainly one of the most amazing gatherings of the week.
Missions moments like this happen for several reasons.
1. The Call of God
It begins with God moving in the heart of individuals who are willing to serve wherever called. Every missionary I have ever met has a story about their call. Often it is a collection of events and divine encounters that provide clarity and confirmation. Then in obedience, the called begin the steps in fulfilling the call. We continue to pray the Lord will raise up a new generation of missionaries who will respond to the call.
2. The Mission of The Church
The Assemblies of God has put into place a fabulous organization that recognizes, equips and places those called in the right location. I cannot stress enough how important this piece is. The Assemblies of God have modeled the best in preparation, process and placement for the missionary family. We are a leader in providing the best care and support to the individual missionaries where ever they are sent.
3. The Family of God
The third and vital reason the Assemblies of God is a world missions leader is the involvement of the local church. The prayer and financial support to our missionaries is extraordinary. In Oregon, over 96% of our churches contribute to one or more of our nearly 40 missionary units. We are praying for 100%. The backing of individual missionaries allows the call to become a reality.
As I watched the 108 new missionary families introduced and the announcement of their field assignment, I was reminded of the great commission Jesus gave and the great commitment it takes to see it fulfilled. I am glad I am a part of a Church that is not just an organization, it is a family, a family about the Father’s business.
I want to encourage you to revisit your mission’s involvement. What is one or two steps you can initiate to increase the involvement in the Assemblies of God missions’ efforts between now and the end of the year? Let me know your decision and the miracle God uses to get it done. General Council Executive Officers
Selected In 2019 Orlando Rick DuBose
Assistant Superintendent Donna Barrett
Secretary Wilfredo “Choco” De Jesús
Treasurer Greg Mundis
World Missions Director

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