August 26, 2019

What We Don't Know

Tom Bachman

For nothing is hidden except to be made manifest; nor is anything secret except to come to light.

Mark 4:22

In the past few years I've been challenged by the thought that the most dangerous word in the Bible, is the word "hid". Original Sin can be seen doing this. In fact, the Bible shares with us in James that the way to overcome the things that we hide is through a simple, but hard action of "Confession". The outcome, according to this scripture is to be whole and healed. I continue to find the greatest distraction to discipleship is this very thing, hid. So I have chosen to live by a statement in my life, "What I don't know, matters." It requires me to slow down my life daily, and to be relentless, to allow my schedule to change, when God brings those moments of revelation, from others, to my life. Yes I get frustrated when my long, To do list, seems just to get longer.

However, when what was hidden is then revealed, I can then pray much more directly. I can speak words that have meaning to the situation. I can help carry the persons burden. My heart is open to loving in a way that might have been tainted by what I saw with my eyes, and heard with my ears, rather than what i knew in my heart.

So today in our busy life, I would challenge you, when you run across a student, a parent, or a person in line at Fred Meyers, ask yourself, "I wonder what is happening in their life that brings that attitude out in such a way?" When you do that, your heart is moved to pray. I am grateful to God for the revelation of this truth. Yes to get there was hard, but the outcome, I would not trade for the world.

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