July 1, 2019

How to Be an Encouraging Leader

David Kennedy

Happy July 4th! A great month to celebrate the freedoms we have in the USA. May we never take these freedoms for granted.
This month we will take a celebratory trip with Phil and Jenelle – celebrating 20 years of marriage. Mid-July my cousins from England are coming to spend a few days with us. We get to return the favor of tour guides.
A date for your calendar: March 6-7, Oregon Garden Getaway. An event for all women in ministry. Help us spread the news of this event. It will be held at the Oregon Garden. This year we will be charging an event fee, and everyone will be responsible for their own lodging. For those in the area you could drive in for Friday evening and Saturday morning. We want this to be an event where pastors’ wives would bring their teams with them (Sunday School teachers, MPact leaders, youth, children, worship leaders etc.). It will be a time of refilling, refueling, refocusing, resourcing and renewing commitment to the dreams and calling God has placed in our hearts. I’m so excited for this event. Let me encourage you to share the good news of this event. Mark your calendars and plan to come and bring others with you.
The Ecuador team will be reaching out for help with prom dresses, dress pants and shirts for the young men. We also will be doing a Pastors Wives Retreat. We would love to bless the ladies with some nice gifts too. Still raising our goal of $7,500. Please send in your offerings marked Ecuador Trip 2020.
Inspire Conference in Vienna in October. Raising $5,000 to help them secure a location, speakers and worship teams for their event to touch the nations of Europe.
Thank you for helping our missions’ efforts. Touching our world through the women of the Oregon Ministry Network.
Our theme word PURSUE is a great reminder that God has plans and purposes for us to continue to see accomplished. We continue to grow in all areas of our lives. This month we are looking at “How to be an Encouraging Leader.”
PURSUE. This word causes us to actively do something. Encouragement is the act of inspiring others with renewed courage, renewed spirit or renewed hope. Have you ever been in a situation where you just needed someone to talk to? Do you have a particular person you think of when you need to share something? What is it about that person that draws you to them? It’s usually because they have been an encouragement to you. When you’re in a group of people are you able to pick out the encouragers? What qualities does an encourager have? How can you be an encouraging leader? Are you a gainer or a drainer in relationships? Do you bring the best out in a person or situation? Do you see the positive in a situation before seeing the negative?
Here are some ideas of being an encouraging leader:

Recognize people’s strengths – often we see potential in others before they see something themselves.
Bring out the best in others by using words of affirmation. See the good in people. When you’re in difficult situations with someone always start with a positive comment before you share what needs to be changed, then end with a positive remark. It’s much easier to formulate change when watching the tone of your voice when talking.
Encouragers smile – do acts of kindness.
Encouragers are the cheerleaders in life. They’re cheering you on when you feel like quitting - as a leader do this for others.
Encouraging leaders are the ones who consistently promote open communication, empower people to grow, are loving and accepting.
Encouraging leaders see potential in others.

Some ways to encourage others:

Send a card, share a positive comment, smile, hugs when appropriate.
Thank your barista by complimenting them for doing such a good job; say “thank you” to someone who is serving you. Don’t take people for granted.

Let’s take the month of July and see how many ways we can encourage people. Each day do something to make a difference in someone’s life!
Love the OMN ladies. You are all so special to me.
Have a blessed month.

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