June 12, 2019

Making your Summer Count

Brian Eno

I’m beginning to write this post from 30,000 feet in the air, returning home from our Kids Pastors’ Mission Experience in Guatemala. In one week, our team visited 4 ChildHope Schools, presented 20 Kids Leadership Workshops, conducted 4 Kids Outreach, assembled 100 desks, participated in 2 church services and distributed 40 Clean Water Filters to needy families. Wow, what an amazing experience!
Our hosts were Daren & Heidi Walker, veteran missionaries currently working with a program called ChildHope serving the children of Guatemala. Their mission is the transformation of children by means of a relationship with Jesus Christ through a quality education and other ministries of compassion. They work with 22 schools and churches in Guatemala and serve more than 6,000 children daily. Through their ministry, they provide practical improvements to children and families in need. One of the ways they do this is through water filter distribution services. Water filters help bring clean water to families which improves their health. This $30 tool allows them to share the gospel by comparing Jesus' forgiveness in our lives to how the water filter cleans and purifies the water. Our One Oregon Summer BGMC Project is to raise $15,000 to provide 500 water filters to needy families.
Would you please consider adopting this BGMC project in your children’s church or VBS programs this summer? If you would like to help, you can find a project bio, photos, videos and a special BGMC project form that must be included with your offering when sending in funds on our BGMC Page.
This summer for Speed The Light our One Oregon focus is to provide Shaya Lindseth with her first STL vehicle. Shaya is a newly appointed missionary to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Africa is the fastest urbanizing region of the world, which means the face of Africa is changing! With this change new opportunities for the Church have become apparent. Shaya is part of a team that is strategically planting churches where they believe God has positioned them to reach and serve the emerging urban centers. They desire to help train and equip the future leaders, church planters, and missionaries who will bring hope to their spheres of influence. This is an incredible opportunity to see transformation flow from Ethiopia into the surrounding regions and all of Africa! Shaya is serving on this team as their worship leader specialist, and because of this she’s in need of a 4-wheel drive SUV which will enable her to haul sound and music equipment to various church planting locations.
All STL funds sent in over the summer will go towards this vital One Oregon STL project. What special project could your youth do to help us provide this vehicle to our first term missionary? If you would like to help, you can find a project bio, photos, and videos on our STL Page.
Remember, one of the responsibilities God has given us as Kids Pastors/Workers and Youth Pastors/Workers is to raise up the next generation of missions givers in His church. This is what both BGMC and STL are designed to help us do. Let’s raise up a compassionate and generous generation.

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