June 3, 2019


David Kennedy

Can you believe it’s the end of another school year?
This past couple of weeks have been a bit stressful for my sister Moira and me. My Mom slipped out of bed and sprained her knee and bruised her hip. After an ER visit, we were able to take her home. Mom does have dementia now, so we are presently in the midst of making sure we have help for her. Please pray that the details will all come together.
This month we are on U in the word PURSUE. We have done: Purposeful, Understanding, Resourceful, Sensitive and this month Unhurried.
Recently I read the book Unhurried Leader. This book gave great insight to being an unhurried leader. Let me share with you a few thoughts.
Two questions leaders need to ask themselves:

What am I seeking?
Whose approval am I desiring?

When I serve and lead confident in God’s love for me, I don’t need those I’m serving to say “well done.” I’m already living in God’s affirmation and encouragement. I can welcome affirming words others might speak as a free gift to me rather than something I desperately need.
Hurried leaders think the first thing to do as a leader is to get something done. Leadership is too often in the terms of go, go, go. But the first invitation to us as leaders is to “come and be with Him.”; the pathway to being an unhurried leader.
A more biblical approach to personal development is to see ourselves as one working with God from a place of established and intimate relationship.
Ministry becomes the overflow of abiding relationship with Jesus. When I have personally spent time with the Lord, then and only then can I lead out of abundance. An unhurried leader understands their primary ministry is not so much for God, but to God. Let me encourage you during these summer months to take time to take the words of Isaiah 55:1-3.
Come - Jesus invites you;
Listen - Listen to me, an invitation to conversation and learning;
Buy - An invitation to trust; and
Eat - An invitation for contemplation and nourishment.
An unhurried leader has a plan for spending time listening and being in His presence.

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