May 6, 2019

Uplifting Others

Bill Wilson

Therefore, encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing. 1 Thessalonians 5:11
This is the year of PURSUE in the OMN. In our chasing after God’s word, will and ways this year, I am suggesting that our goal be to look for moments to lift up others deliberately. In other words, make the decision to look for moments to say an encouraging, enriching or empowering word to someone. This will not only bless another person, but it will change your life.
Here is a proven principle: “Those who pursue God will turn from complainers to complementors.”
It is easy to be a complainer. It doesn’t take much effort to see the negative in a person or situation. When Joy and I arrived to lead our church in Portland, we discovered a few folks who thought their spiritual gift was complaining and criticism. It was terrible. We noted that we seldom heard a positive word from their lips and we never seemed to hear them say, “It is great to see you!” or “I sure appreciate you!” We also observed they never offered to pray for or encourage others. Sadly, they seemed to always have a moan or groan about something that they didn’t like or agree with. They actually were miserable most of the time.
Life Lesson #1: “Hurt people…Hurt people.” Life Lesson #2: People who pursue God will begin to complement others more than criticize others.

Always Start with A Positive Comment: Start conversations with a praise.
Be Wise with Your Words: Think before you speak. Avoid crude or crass comments.
Be Encouraging and Constructive: Sincerity and hopefulness opens the door for dialogue.
Show Authentic Respect: Have high regards and favorable thoughts of the people in your circle.
Be an Active Listener: Ask questions to gain insights before giving your opinion or suggestion.
Avoid Gossip: Passing on unclaimed rumors behind a person’s back is very destructive.
Share Things You Are Learning: A Scripture, an idea or book that has spoken to you is helpful.
Be Quick to Forgive: When others make a mistake, be quick to forgive and forget.
Stay Humble: An honorable person accomplishes much, but brags little.
Show Love: Practice the nine qualities mentioned in 1 Corinthians 13. It is contagious.

adapted from Daniel Richards
I have discovered when we practice the directive of I Thessalonians 5:11, life takes on a new dimension. It is a real thrill in life to uplift others deliberately with a kind word or action. Make that your goal and practice in the coming weeks. By the way, YOU are amazing, and I am praying for you!

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